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Monday 5th September 2011.                                                                                 Arturusrex



Yesterday, we informed you of the existence of the URLF. Today, the URLF has its own blog incorporated in the list of blogs available on Myosotis. (things are moving very fast)

Joining it does not require withdrawal from the civil entity known as the GLNF.

Joining it can achieved by simply sending in the form already done into bilingual format.

Alternatively, you can join it by specifying your Rite. The French Rite, as developed in this article, proposes that lodges working the French Rite join the MMRRF, which in turn, will adhere to the URLF. The Scottish Rite (REAA) will be doing the same for its lodges.

Thus, the ULRF will be composed of lodges grouped under their Rites, but all with the same statutes (in preparation).

The French Rite, under the abbreviation MMRRF (i), published a declaration of its existence in the last few days and this was posted yesterday on the ULRF blog. We reproduce the text of the MMRRF declaration in translation.  (i) MMRRF: Maisondes Maçons Réguliers du Rite Français, or Home of Regular Masons of the French Rite.

Lodges working the French Rite are asked to sign their own declaration of adherence by using the following form, having put the question to ballot in open lodge at the next meeting (an emergency motion can be put without being announced on the summons).  Lodes working other Rites should join the URLF directly.

Please write in if you need further explanations or help.


La Maison des Maçons Réguliers du Rite Français, or Home of Regular Masons of the French Rite and the Union of Regular French Lodges (ULRF).

On August 20th last, brethren of the French Rite, all Past Masters, took the initiative of setting up a collective body uniting all lodges and brethren practicing the French Rite – MMRRF – with the aim of restoring the serenity of our labours and respect for the integrity and spirit of the Rite, all of which have gone missing in the GLNF, our initial Masonic body.

It was certainly high time to make a decision and concrete initiative, faced as we are by distress of the brethren and the increasing numbers of those resigning. 

Contrary to what is being rumoured, this is not the initiative of the Jurisdiction for the Higher Degrees of the Rite, but of craft masons who have practised the workings of the craft degrees for many years.

It is the creation of an independent and autonomous  union of craft Lodges practicing the three degrees (or “Grades”) of Apprentice, Fellow-Craft and Master Mason.


This Home for regular Masons of the French Rite aims at enabling brethren of the Rite who are anxious to preserve their careers with in traditional Masonry to unite and, whether directly or indirectly, retrieve the recognition of the UGLE and other European Grand Lodges who have withdrawn from frequenting the GLNF due to the standpoints adopted by its governors which are in total contradiction with the founding principles of regular French masonry.

In these perspectives, the Union of Regular Lodges of France can be the federative organization of our Rites enabling us to re-acquire recognition. Schematically, it will constitute the new organizational guidelines of the GLNF, because it is necessary to make fundamental alterations to its organization, so incredibly has it drifted from the proper Masonic path.

By default, it may become the new French Masonic body and recognized as such.

Such thinking implies that, as soon as the ULRF is constituted into an organization whose sole vocation is to facilitate the working of the Lodges and its international relations, it will be a “light weight” system, leaving essential liberty to its Lodges, with full respect for the Rites and without any syncretism thereof, which the MMRRF intends to support and requests its adhesion thereunto.


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