Joint communiqué from FMR and Myosotis Ligérien

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Meeting of Grand Lodge, Saturday, December 3rd, 2011


François Stifani, the president who resigned, despite having lost all legitimacy, intends holding, as if he were Grand Master, the meeting of Grand Lodge on Saturday, December 3rd, 2011. Faced with this situation it is normal that the Brethren expect indications on what stance to adopt on that day. Each must understand that discretion and time must guide our preparations.


With this in mind for some time already and without running the risk of running out of time, the FMR association has taken the precaution of depositing with the Town Hall of Levallois Perret and the Hauts de Seine Prefecture a request for authorisation to protest on the public place. So, while respecting the law, the Brethren may calmly and with dignity, express their just indignation according to the appeals from the different opposition currents.


Today it is too early to fix the precise form the protest will take, as it is not excluded that other actions under preparation and about which it is preferable to not communicate for the present, might upset the pretty scenario François Stifani is hoping for.


Without forgetting that decisive battles will take place elsewhere, we call upon ALL THE BRETHREN OF THE GLNF to rally around and come to the Espace Marcel Cerdan on December 3rd so that their determination and desire to protect Traditional Freemasonry can be heard.


Dominique MOREAU                                                               Claude SEILER


The important element of this communiqué is the call for all the Brethren to go to Levallois Perret on December 3rd, not just the delegates. The more Brethren who are there, even if not able to enter the building, the better for tarnishing Stifani’s image. Brethren, call upon your WM to contact all the other Lodges near you to organise car sharing , hiring a coach, etc. While putting a stick in the spokes of Stifani’s wheels it also promises to be a great day of Fraternity, a chance to catch up with Brethren from all corners of the country.

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