July 31st 2011 Madame Legrand is no longer the Ad Hoc Administrator of the GLNF.

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By Pierre de Taille, on today’s Myosotis Lutèce blog.           

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For over six months, we have been hearing that Mme Legrand was no more than a hang-dog, inert, incapable, colluding with François Stifani and paid sky-high fees.


Since July 24th 2011, she has been going under a new hat, on the same mission and for the same duration of six months, “PROVISIONAL ADMINISTRATOR OF THE GLNF.”


We wonder at this change, doubtlessly acquired with great difficulty by our lawyers, received icily and wearily, no doubt due to the persistence and aggravation of our problems.



The lady’s new title could be more advantageous than we might think, if we only decide to bring out and develop the potentially positive aspects that lie latent therein.

It gives us leverage for change.

A first sort of leverage:

Madame Legrand is no longer under mandate. She is now PLENIPOTENTIARY, she has FULL POWERS.

Until now, she held no direct power and acted only through the intermediary of third parties, while proffering council and advice to the Treasurer, the Intendant and the administrative team.

Thus, she was unable to directly address the members of the GLNF, playing hide-and-seek with them, and undergoing, willy-nilly, the influence of François Stifani.
If we would make use of this new leverage, that is, should we desire to confront her with her  new liabilities, nothing could be simpler.

Let us proclaim on all the blogs, by mail and emails, open letters, tracts and articles in the Press, that Madame Legrand holds as of today full responsibility for the future of our Association and total administrative authority over the GLNF, excluding the excuse of any further haggling and hair-splitting over what is “Masonic” and what is not.

How so?

Because, if she does not do what she has to do, we will forego moderation in applying leverage of a second type.

A second sort of leverage to get things moving:

New powers for Madame Monique Legrand mean new counter-powers for FMR.

The High Court Judge, towards the end of his Decision, gave us a meaningful wink, stating:

“We say that, in case of difficulty, it shall be referred back to us”.


The meaning of that is that if we, FMR, esteem that things are not progressing swiftly enough, (an AGM before  October 31st 2011), if we see things floundering for whatever reason (e.g. impossibility or great difficulty to convene the Sovereign Grand Committee),  if the Provisional Administrator of the GLNF persists unduly in demanding undue dues, and so on, then our way ahead is quite simple.

When some such difficulty looms before us, all we have to do is have a writ issued against Madame Legrand and referred to Mr Judge Kurz, so that she shall give her explanation to the Judge and that we might discuss the nature of such “difficulty” and propose solutions. 

The Judge will then cut the Gordian knot and unblock the situation.

And so on….

Nippy, light-weight, efficient, only wearing out if not used!


Our vigilance will enable us in future to be in the forefront of the battle, to keep up permanent pressure at little cost, to harry where justified, to demand our rights; whereas, until now, we had the impression of being the victims or hostages of someone or something, a man, a Court Appointee, or the Judicial institution.

There, Brethren, is the new deal. It is of high importance.

We have persevered; now let us be vigilant, as September approaches.


Meanwhile, perhaps a little relaxation will be good for us all?

Pierre de Taille.

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