April 21st, Neuilly Bineau Convents for the RER, Emulation, York & RSE Rite Houses

Published on by Allan Sanders

Following the creation of the A&ASR and French Rite Houses, it’s now the turn of the 4 other Rites of the GL-AMF to hold their Convents. The meetings will occur this coming Saturday at Neuilly Bineau at 10 a.m.


The meeting concerns the Rectified Scottish Rite, Emulation Rite, York Rite and Standard Scottish Rite.


The programme for the day is :


10.00 – Information meeting on the GL-AMF followed by questions.


12.00 – Lunch (15 €to be paid on arrival)


13.30 - Each of the Rites will hold its Convent.


16.00 – Election of the Assistant Grand Master and 2 General Deputies for each Rite

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Momo du Cantal 04/18/2012 20:17

Thank you so much Allan for all the job you are doing so nicely, thus showing the entire world there are still real masons in France who are struggling against the cowans and working hard to save
our honorable institution. I joined our new obedience and so has my "godfather" and other brethren. Things are going slowly in our mountains but I do hope most of our brethren will join. I shal
give yoou a ring soon.

Allan Sanders 04/18/2012 23:26

Look forward to seeing you in Tours on the 28th ! It will be an historic occasion, something to tell our grandsons on the day they are

geoffrey richards 04/18/2012 18:43

I presume you mean April 21st and not June 21st

Geoffrey Richards

Allan sanders 04/18/2012 23:23

You're so right.