La Perle de la Lumière gets an illegal suspension

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La Perle de la Lumière gets an illegal suspension


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Various Myosotis blogs are reporting that the RL La Perle de la Lumière at Alès has been suspended by the PGM. But there’s a problem. Nothing in the GLNF Constitutions, statutes or by-laws empowers a PGM to suspend a Lodge. The only person who can suspend a Lodge is the Grand Master. And since that position id vacant since our self-proclaimed spiritual guide shot himself in the foot La Perle de la Lumière has nothing to fear. Should the postman bring them a letter tomorrow it is clearly a forgery, a frequent occurrence in these troubled times !! And an incompetent forgery since a PGM has no right  such a document. LML in English is under no illusions that the WM of the Lodge will receive another letter, probably next week, signed by a certain François Stifani with the title “Grand Master” beneath the signature. Clearly another forgery since no such character exists.


Maître Legrand shoud change the locks on the GLNF stationary cupboard. Someone appears to be stealing letterhead for illegal usage.

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joaben 02/28/2011 17:29

Same illegal suspension has occured for Lodge GNOMON :

The PGM of Province Brie-Champagne in december 2010 decided suspension of all the works of this lodge, invoking article 11.4 of Rules and Constitution.

This article states that under 5 members lodge can be suspended. But this lodge has more than 14 members !

The main problem is that there is no justice for these facts. The responsible of the action being the judge himself !

So Stifani and his friends can act with complete impunity.

Winnie 02/28/2011 19:32

Dear Brother Joaben, Thank you for your comment which is absolutely true. What the PGM of Brie Champagne did to Gnomon is illegal. LML in English had already pointed out the illegal
nature of the suspension of Gnomon Lodge in a series of articles "Dissension in the ranks, etc" from December 22nd 2010 to january 4th 2011. Keep up the resistance. tell all your Brothers that
stifani's PGMs are acting outside the limits of the statutes and by-laws and therefore, any such suspensions are not worth the paper theyre written on. Nil illegitimus carborundum - don't let the
Bastard wear you down !!