La Perle de la Lumière goes "independent"

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La Perle de la Lumière goes « independent »…


…and gets the « RED HAND » !!


It is reported on Myosotis Septimanie link 

The R.L La Perle de Lumière N° 1339 et the Orient of Alès in Septimanie Province has been pumped dry !! During the month of January their bank account (legally a sub-account of the GLNF national account), having started the month with a positive balance of  304.72 euros, was debited 6 times by the PGT to end the month with a negative balance of 4911.28 euros. link The Lodge WM and Treasurer were unable to do anything to resist this systematic pillaging of an account that, according to the GLNF by-laws, is not permitted to be in the RED !!


Faced with a situation beyond his control the WM called a Council of the masters on February 17th which unanimously decided :


that the managing functions of the GLNF masonic institution are vacant

that the masonic activities of the Lodge are independent and do not wish to be linked to the administrative and financial difficulties of the GLNF Association

to become an “autonomous” Lodge concerning the financial and administrative constraints linked to its masonic activities

proclaim null and void the modifications to the GLNF Constitution and by-laws on December 3rd 1997, February 28th 1998 and all subsequent modification.

That hereinafter the RL La Perle de Lumière will labour according to the Constitution and by-laws of 1986 and will disregard all subsequent texts.


Please note that the 1986 text states :


“The GLNF represents and governs the “general” interests of all the Lodges under its Obedience on the surface of the globe.”


More recently this article (Constitution 2009 Article 3-1) was modified to read :


“….all the Lodges have been assembled in a single “unique” Grand Lodge”, under the authority of the grand master, supreme leader of the masonic Order in France.”


The text no longer reads the same way. François Stifani, self-proclaimed spiritual guide, has decreed that he is the absolute monarch !!


Our Brethren of the RL la Perle de La Lumière have had the courage  to decide to return to the situation that never should have changed : the Lodges make the obedience and not the reverse !!!


Unfortunately, we are under a totalitarian regime. As soon as the RL La Perle de la Lumière declared its independence a recently created blog La Main Rouge, a fabrication of the Stifani propaganda machine, denounced the Lodge’s decision and demanded that it quit the GLNF and return its warrant. link No doubt the appropriate ordinance announcing the Lodges dissolution and the exclusion of all its Brethren is already on the desk of our EX-Grand Master (who resigned himself) but still wants to sit in the big chair, travel 1st class, stay in the top palaces, dine at the best tables, use the executive washroom and have the only key to the drinks cabinet !!! And all this financed by our fees !!!




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Baldrick of Dunny on the Wold 02/24/2011 13:06

It is disappointing to read that the Brethren of 'La Perle de Lumière' have decided to take this drastic step. Whether you like it or not, the current Constitutions and Regulations of the GLNF
remain in force until (and if) they are changed. To refuse to comply with them is playing with fire and I have a deep suspicion that the end result will be that the Lodge (and possibly all its
members) will end up out in the cold and excluded from the mainstream of the GLNF. Perhaps this is what they were after all along and have decided to take the first step to see whether other lodges
will follow them. I wish them luck, and hope that they've made the right decision. However, I'm not convinced. Whatever the ongoing problems within the GLNF may be, I'm sure they will be resolved
eventually. It's better to be on the inside looking out rather than on the outside looking in.

Winnie 02/24/2011 16:16

My Brother, I heartily agree with you. Like Gnomon Lodge the members it is certain that the members will be excluded by the GLNF, the Province or Pisan will demand the return of the Warrant and
the Liodge will disappear up its own orifice in a puff of smoke. Which is just what Stifani wants. Every Brother who resigns or is excluded is one less vote against the tyrant.However, like a
General going into battle who knows that casualties are necessary to decide the final outcome, so we must accept that the position taken by our Brethren at La Perle de Lumière and their becoming
a statistic in the struggle, will assist our cause by the publicity generated by their action. But we must ensure that the number of casualties be kept to a minimum. Your final sentence is a
paraphrase of JFK's comment on retaining J. Edgar Hoover as head of the FBI, "I'd rather have him inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in !!"