Last act of a tragic farce, or a farcical tragedy !!!

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Where are we today, more than 27 months since 34 Brothers stood up during a meeting of the SGC, removed their aprons and requested permission to ask a series of questions.


Two whole years have gone by since Ephesse found himself in a minority at the AGM on March 25th, 2010.


Eighteen months have gone by since the farcical multi-location AGM.            


Fifteen months ago Ephesse tried his true – false resignation as President of the Association, while claiming to still be the GM.


Nine months ago he was supposed to place his mandate in the hands of the SGC. We’re still waiting for it.


At about the same time he invented the e-mail that takes 7 days to reach its destination, backdating it to the all too symbolic Bastille Day. That must have caused a laugh at Great Queen Street !


Four months ago at Levallois Perret the masonic world sat up and took notice when Ephesse had to put up with almost 3 hours of hooting, jeers and catcalls from the Brethren gathered for what is traditionally a solemn and dignified ceremony.


The February 4th AGM was a kangaroo court where less than 15% of Lodges got to vote the accounts and budget, but successfully refused Ephesse’s ratification as president of an association whose total board had resigned a year previously.


And during all this time Ephesse, ably assisted by a band of fanatical fawnicators, has cut a swaithe  through the GLNF ranks changing the profile of the SGC and sacking PGMs wholesale. 120 SGC members who wouldn’t toe the line got the axe, to be replaced by 221. Mathematics never were Ephesse’s strong suit !


At the same time two sides of the Kurz, Legrand, Dumaine-Martin “ménage à trois” (Miss Monique & her personal legal eagle) have led us up the garden path promising to produce the principal ledger, promising to bring the banished Brethren home from the Goulag, promising a pre-January 21st, 2011 electoral college, promising transparent management which remains as black as the inside of a cat.


Where are we ?


We’re just 12 days away from the last act of a tragedy that has taken a full 27 months to unfold (Even the longest production ever of Wagner’s “Parsifal” only took five and a half hours, and a cricket Test can be wound up in five days). In 12 days the SGC will meet to elect the new Grand Master. 10 candidates :


5 of them in the same camp, Stifani’s, including Ephesse himself, the others being Balloo the Legal Bear, Lapdog Cano, Poison Pen Heyraud, the fastest quill in the West, and, finally, Riviera Pirate Jacquet. No doubt there’ll be much wheeling and dealing over the next few days, various ones will reluctantly pull out of the race, putting their weight behind, guess who ? Ephesse obviously ! But all to no avail because the election must be ratified by a future AGM and Ephesse (or any of the other 4 for that matter) has a snowflake’s chance in hell of getting ratified.


Then there are 3 insignificant candidates. They won’t get enough votes to get their deposit back. We admire them for their courage and recognise them as Brothers but it won’t go any further than that.


Finally, there remain two “real” candidates:


Jean-Pierre SERVEL : representing the Big Moustache camp, he invented the famous phrase “the ultimate link between men and God” (meaning Ephesse). He’s a lawyer, comes from the Riviera and until recently was solidly behind the Pisan tyrant. He’ll appeal to the extreme conservatives within the SGC (and that’s saying something !). But don’t hold your breath if you’re expecting reform. He doesn’t even know how to spell the word.


Jean MURAT : the sole remaining representative of the 80% of GLNF Brethren that have revolted agaist the current management over the past 2 years. But is he really an opposition candidate. His non-violent reputation is soothing music to Pisan ears. He appeals to the conservative vote, won’t rock the boat, won’t reform or throw out the SGC, will ensure a good future for blue apron and gold chain manufacturers. He represents absolutely no danger to the current management, his total aversion to disorder and revolutionary procedures means that life will go on as usual. And should he try to reform things a bit, Balloo the Legal Bear and Stifani’s second legal mouthpiece, Pardo, have enough blank writs up their sleeves to tie him in knots for years. Jean Murat has been campaigning for 2 years now. While most of the opposition been working night and day, week in and week out, trying to find an internal solution, fighting court battles, getting suspended or struck off, putting together the new Obedience Meccano kit, what has Jean Murat been doing ? Frankly, nothing much. Have you ever heard of a meeting where he raised his voice, stamped his foot, thumped on the table or actually made a solid proposal. No !!! Because for two whole years, the only thing that has counted for Jean Murat has been the biggest blue apron. He wants to be Grand Master. No-one has a simpler programme !!! And did you hear him object when the only truly viable candidate was scandalously eliminated from the race before the starting gun went off ? Not a word, not a peep !


Shame upon those who participated in the elimination of Christian Degny and Alain Juillet. The table is tilted, the dice are loaded and the opposition got dealt the low cards only.


And how is the reintegration process going for the 120 SGC members that Ephesse had sacked ? At last count a massive 18 out of 120 had been reintegrated, a whole 15%. Talk about democracy ! And despite the ruling that all post January 21st, 2011 appointments are invalid, have any of the 221 recent SGC members been shown the door ? Not a single one !


March 30th is going to be the greatest mix of farce and tragedy the GLNF has seen in its almost century long history !


Should we continue ?

On the internal route, under no circumstances !!! In my own Lodge we had already voted by a massive majority to turn off the money tap. Not a brass farthing to Pisan or the Province. And at our last Lodge meeting we voted almost unanimously to be a petitioner for the creation of the new Obedience.


Now you understand why we’ve been saying all along it was necessary to begin the construction of the new Obedience while trying and hoping for an internal GLNF solution. We weren't trying to have our cake and eat it too. We were realists. We hoped to find an internal solution but all along doubted it could occur because those in power on the 3rd floor don't play the game by the rules.


The first step in construction will occur next Saturday, March 24th when the Lodge delegates to the “Houses” for the A&ASR and the French Rite will meet in Paris and Tours. At those 2 meetings the Constitutions and Statutes of the new Grand Lodge will be presented.


Without trying to present the entire picture, the “Lodge” will be at the heart of the Obedience. Each Lodge will have a legal identity (necessity to form an association per Lodge) and each Lodge will join its Rite House. The Houses will be a masonic space (without an association identity) guaranteeing the link between Lodges labouring under the same Rite and each House will ensure the strict observance of its Rite by the Lodges. Each House will elect its Assistant Grand Master and the officers necessary for the strict application of the Rite during consecrations and ceremonies.


The Grand Master of the Obedience will have a short non-renewable mandate. The post of Grand Master will go from House to House in turn. His election will be ratified by the civil assembly of all the Lodges and a mechanism will ensure the possibility of his being revoked.


These are only a few initial details of a massive project that a ULRF FMR Myosotis team has been working on for months. A formal presentation of the entire project will be made to the delegates at the 2 meetings next Saturday.


The new Obedience is falling into place without being preoccupied by the March 30th farcical tragedy, the last act and last gasp of the pathetic Stifani era, the most disgraceful period ever in international Freemasonry !

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