Let’s play GLNF musical chairs ! Balloo’s back !

Published on by Winnie

Yesterday we told you Balloo the Legal Bear, Grand Orator, ex-officio member of the GLNF Administration Board, personal legal mouthpiece for Ephesse, etc, etc, had thrown in the towel.


“Dear François,


Please find enclosed one slightly used blue apron, a collection of baubles…


Bye, gone fishing,


Balloo LLB (Le Legal Bear, I couldn’t resist it !!!)”


Well folks, he’s back ! Ephesse didn’t take kindly to losing another Grand Orator, particularly one so ready to scrape and bow at will. He refused the resignation.


Balloo’s back on the block, blue apron, baubles, ex-officio this, ex-officio that. He even apologised for the ineptitude of his letter to Miss Monique after the AGM.


Dear Monique,


No need to come to the office tomorrow. We can get by on our own from now on. I’m a grown up legal bear and Francisco can find his way to the 3rd floor without his Mummy






One thing seems to be causing the Ephessians trouble. With the locks changed at Pisan, Stifani has programmed a PGM's meeting in Versailles on March 10th. If it's in the Galerie des Glaces they won't have any trouble looking themselves in the mirror ! More on the letter summonsing them tomorrow. It's pure Stifani syrup, two pages had me into my second box of Kleenex ! I wonder how much it costs to rent the Galérie des Glaces ? Has Miss Monique signed off on that expenditure ? Or was the booking made before she told Henry the Beancounter to take orders only from her ?

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