Letter from Marc Caire to the Brethren of Neustrie.

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The following extract of a letter from Marc Caire, PGM of Neustria, was published last week on Neustrie blog. It should interest the English lodges in Normandy especially, but others might also take note                        Translation Arturusrex


For what concerns regional rather than national policies, that is, my domain, I have to say that the lodges in Neustria know each other, the brethren meet together, and they have let me know of their wish not to be smothered in any vague national structure they do not understand.

It is for this reason that the Association “Les Amis de la Neustria” ( Friends of Neustria), created to organize the Centenary Anniversary of our Province, has become our rallying point and all members of those lodges that have signed the declaration that they no longer recognize FS as our Grand Master belong to it.

It aims to maintain cohesion and guarantee the services of the Province, at the cost of an obligatory two euros a head per member, a symbolic price, your President having no plans to travel abroad for “representational” needs!

The blog draws a parallel between our action and that of Jean-Luc Venturino, PGM of Massilia, whom I know well enough to assure you he would rather be getting on with his work than strutting around like a peacock in GL or PGL regalia, which is not the aim of his life, unlike what we had become used to from certain individuals in the past in Neustria.

On another point, I wish to reaffirm my total opposition to the present governance of the GLNF and my solidarity with the group of rebel PGMs, which, to answer the Myosotis article, is not a structure, because it has no reason to be. It is merely a loose grouping of PGMs that no longer acknowledge the authority of FS but have diverging opinions on how to rebuild. Thank the Lord, “one-way thinking only” is not their rule!

And, in no way incompatibly, I here express my wish to see our lodges joining the URLF, the only entity that might bring about a change; however, such a decision can only be made by the lodges themselves.

How, I ask you, could I possibly be on the Board of Administration of the URLF and not be favourable? In this matter, I am in total harmony with Charles Tordjman, PGM of Paris Grande Arche.

Let this be clear, Brethren: our old GLNF is dead.

We may perhaps come across its shriveled body in some roughly made sepulcher way beyond the confines of our Masonic world, but even a new Grand Master will not bring it back to life now. That is why I am favourable to a radical change of the system.

I have always considered myself as an intermediary, or, rather, a hyphen, but not a local potentate. Believe you me, I am in no way intent on staying in a position of Mastership. I will willingly renounce my position if the Brethren of Neustria ask me to.  If a Brother wants to replace, me with the backing of the majority, and, in any case, as soon as a point of equilibrium has been attained, I shall step down.

Truly and fraternally yours.



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