Letters, French ones !!!

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Letters, French ones !!!


All puns are totally intentional !!!


Brethren, in an age where the noble and gentle art of letterwriting has become a dimming memory for even our grandparents, we must be thankful to François Stifani that his antics have provoked many members of the GLNF to put pen to paper. The last few days have provided us with several fine examples:


Jean-Claude Tardivat, the Honorary Deputy Grand Master, furious at the irrational behaviour of our Ex Grand Master has written to the PGMs and the AGMs. link


The WM of L’Anglaise 204, the most historic Lodge of the GLNF, has written to Maître Legrand. link


Claude Seiler, President of FMR and Dominique Moreau, representing Myosotis, have also written to Maître Legrand. link


Jean-Claude Tardivat’s letter


Addressed to the Assistant grand masters and the provincial Grand Masters, dated may 1st


Most Worthy Brethren, My Well-Loved Brothers,


During your meeting of April 15th in the Great temple of Pisan and following the decision of the grand master to place his mandate in the hands of the sovereign grand committee on June 27th, you unanimously conferred upon me the mission of re-assembling and mediation.


As of the following day I contacted François Stifani to inform him of the mission and to emphasise that this mission of peace would be greatly facilitated if he accepted to stop all nominations, in particular those of Provincial grand Masters and members of the sovereign grand Committee, during the period of my mission.


With this in mind I made numerous positive and encouraging contacts with Brethren of all tendencies who expressed a sincere wish to see the end of the current rift and to get on with the election of a new grand Master in a newly found serenity.


On april 29th, in a letter addressed to the members of the Sovereign Grand committee it was asked of me to “pursue the mission of re-assembling and the defence of the fundamental values of the order”… while at the same time he announced the replacement of several Provincial Grand Masters !


How can one undertake a mission of re-assembling under such conditions ?


Each of us attempts, no doubt sincerely, to prepare the future by imagining reform programmes, some even envisage a schism.


Politicaln Administrative, financial and legal analyses are evoked. One speaks of tolerance, fraternity, and love without manifesting even an ounce of love, fraternity or tolerance, without humility, not the slightest humility !

And the rift continues to widen inexorably.


What is happening to the GLNF in all that ? What image does it give of Freemasonry today in France and in the world ? When will we rediscover the pleasure of shared Brotherhood ?


Are we still proud to be Masons ?


I was initiated in this obedience thirty years ago. I was raised according to the principles of regular Freemasonry. I have laboured according to all the Rites, progressed through all the responsibilities, respected the rules and the constitutions. For over 12 years I have contributed with passion to its dissemination on all the continents.


I am still convinced that the vast majority of the Brethren are still profoundly attached to our “House”.


No doubt this is my last battle but, in my soul and in my conscience, I cannot allow the disappearance of all we have built with enthusiasm and I have decided to fight to the end to carry out my mission.


It is only thus that I will merit the estimation and confidence that you have given me.


The future Grand Master is among us.


Let us find him together, my Well-Loved Brothers, in harmony and truth.


Jean-Claude Tardivat


The WM of L’Anglaise 204 Lodge N° 2 to Maître Legrand


Minutes of decisions concerning the functioning of the GLNF Obedience and its relations with the Worthy Lodge “L’Anglaise 204” (voted unanimously by the members present at Regular Meetings of the Lodge).



The Worthy Lodge “L’Anglaise 204”, one of the oldest Lodges in Europe, the oldest in France, contributed in 1913, with the WL “Le Centre des amis” to the foundation of the obedience known today and the “GLNF” and to the recognition of its Regularity by the United Grand Lodge of England.


Today it deplores the disorder, confusion and lack of transparency thatcurently characterise the functioning of the GLNF and which is the cause of the conflictual situation resulting from it.


Faced with this crisis and assuming its responsibilities as co-founder of the GLNF, “L’Anglaise 204” has taken a number of positions and resolutions with a view to contributing to the re-establishment of conditions within the framework compatible with the normal functioning of Regular Lodges.


These positions and resolutions are the following :


  1. Propositions of statutory and by-law adaptation of the GLNF, dated june 11th 2010, no remply received from the management of the obedience.
  2. Refusal to participate in the vote at the manifestly irregular General Assembly of October 16th 2010 (position not reported in the minutes, nor in the summary of the results of this assembly).
  3. Declaration for the protection of regular and Traditional Freemasonry dated January 14th 2011.
  4. Warning letters marked for the attention of the pro Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England and to the attention of the Most Worthy Grand Chancellor of the United Grand Lodge of England dated January 14th 2010.
  5. Resolution dated Friday march 11th 2011, concerning the fees, taken as a conservatory measure.
  6. Decisions dated Friday april 8th 2011 :


noting that the grand master and the administrative Grand Officers of the GLNF have resigned – and in conformity with articles 11, 12 & 13 of the Statutes and articles 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 3.1, 3.2, 5.2, 7.4 & 8.1 of the By-Laws of the GLNF the WL “L’Anglaise 204” N° 2 pursues henceforth its masonic activity within the GLNF framework under the sole administrative authority of Maître Legrand according to the mission to which she was appointed by the civil courts;

requesting the holding in the shortest delay the Ordinary general Assembly of the GLNF in a single central location without pressure or influence of any sort whatsoever and respecting the fundamental principles of the common law of associations.


To whom it may concern, dated April 9th 2011



Claude Seiler, President of FMR, and Dominique Moreau of Myosotis Ligérien write to Maître Legrand


Dated May 3rd 2011, Registered letter with confirmation of delivery


Object : Your mandate as administrator of the GLNF


Dear Maître,


During our meeting of April 7th, you confirmed that the provincial grand masters who had decided or who would decide in the future to place themselves under your protection could not be dismissed or replaced by Mr Stifani. However, and we have it officially, we have learned that he has just replaced Mr Tordjman in the Paris Grand-Arche Province, and that he is circulating other names for the nomination as Provincial Grand Masters replacing those who have officially placed themselves under your protection, without other ordinances being brought to our attention.


The same goes concerning the nomination of Mr Cano as Deputy Grand Master or Mr Jean-Claude Tardivat as Honorary Deputy Grand Master. We regret to bring to your attention that members of our association who have placed themselves under your protection are subject to permanent and insistent pressure by Mr Cano including their replacement during a meeting “not recognised as a provincial assembly, nor a provincial Grand Lodge metting” without any official invitation, which is scheduled for Wednesday may 4th at 6.30 p.m. at the headquarters of our association, 12 rue Christine de Pisan, Paris 17.


These multiple interventions of a repetitive character can only exacerbate the tensions that are increasingly virulent, in a context that is already stressed, according to a procedure that resembles a forced passage, or a permanent provocation with the object of pushing certain brethren to commit irreparable faults after months of open conflict which are becoming more and more important in the eyes of the provincial grand Masters who are majoritarily opposed to Mr Stifani.


Besides, these people named in the past were and remain responsible for the assets and fees with which they were entrusted for the period of their mandate, not only in the eyes of the president of the Association, that is to say, yourself today, but also in the eyes of all the members of the association of which they are in charge. There is no question that some sort of transfer of the management of assets, of funds or of the state of accounts can occur currently without a precise situation of all of these points being established, registered and controlled by the president of the Association herself, prior to their transfer to whoever according to the forms of law and against discharge of responsibility.


Parallel to all that, and without any communication from you confirming or inferring the facts which follow, it is surprising to note that Mr Stifani substitutes himself as president of our association to summons the Sovereign grand Committee for June 27th and fixes the date of the next general Assembly, while these actions form part of what we had understood to be the mission assigned to you by the president of the Court on January 21st.


Another subject exasperates the Brethren : the abusive use over several months of the computer listing of members of the association while we have no knowledge of its form, its structure, nor of who is the keeper of the information it contains.


We drew your attention to the meeting of the Conciliation Commission of May 6th, without a reply from you. Necessarily you chair this commission. During our meeting we added that, in order to not trouble you, we had not sent you the 400 demands that we had received. We are sending them to you today. Since the Bâtonnier Francis Teitgen has been mandated to represent these demands we feel it is essential to postpone this commission to a later date so that he can fulfil this representation and respect his workload.


To finish, it is obvious that if the assembly for the nomination of the new Provincial grand Masters was maintained for next Wednesday by Messrs Cano & Stifani, going against your own position on the subject, the information we have received from the ground level lead us to believe that incidents are to be feared that no-one can predict or judge under the current state of affairs. Added to that is the information that Mr Stifani and a delegation is leaving for Columbia in several days using the monies of our association, all that con only worsen the already tense climate. We therefore request that you take all the necessary dispositions, in particular an adequate and clear communication, in o

rder to put a stop to the uncontrolled actions of Mr Stifani.


While awaiting your reply or the pleasure of our next meeting, we offer you, Dear Maître, our most distinguished greetings.

              Claude Seiler                                                                        Dominique Moreau

President FMR                                                                     Myosotis Ligérien


Copy for information to Me Francis Teitgen and Me Stéphane Dumaine-Martin, Lawyers

















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