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We all know his penchant for throwing writs around like confetti at a windy wedding. François Stifani is at it again. “La Lumière”, the blog of François Koch, journalist with the French public affairs weekly, “L’Express” reveals that a judge of the Paris Supreme Court will be interviewing the legal representatives of Franc-Maçonnerie Magazine. link This is in relation to a writ by ephesse for “diffamation” (libel). The libel allegation concerns an interview reported in the magazine with Jacques PERRET, the former (one of many) PGM of Grande Couronne Province.


The self-proclaimed spiritual guide to the dwindling GLNF numbers objects to the use of such terms as “degeneration”, “autocratic deviance”, “megalomania”, “parody of masonic justice” (spoken by François Stifani that one contradicts itself internally !!!) and “depraved system”. Hardly the sort of language to shock the vicar’s wife at tea. But who are we, mere miasmas,  to attempt to interpret the wondrous workings of the mind of the Honorary Consul General for Djibouti in Marseilles.


In addition to the magazine’s legal representatives, Hélène Cuny, the editor in chief and Nicolas Georges, the company general manager, will also appear before the judge.


Hélène Cuny and Nicolas Georges will be represented by Maître Jean-Michel Quillardet, former GM of the Grand Orient de France. A victory in any form would obviously bring him a double satisfaction !! And since François Stifani is suing in the name of the GLNF (by what right, we ask ?) he will be represented by…. guess who ?.....Maître Olivier PARDO !!! More GLNF membership fees going out the window !!!


And since this is a civil matter has Miss Monique been consulted on this expenditure and where is her signature authorising it ?

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Des Frères de la Côte 10/20/2011 13:57

Dear Winnie

How can you ignore the summit meeting that took place , a few days, ago in Pisan between EphesseI and Cl Sei.Our intelligence sources are numerous and consistent, there is no doubt about it! Even
Uncle Béretta confirmed on the blog Em Ser. What are they called? We do not think they met to talk about the times, but rather to divide the spoils of the future financial GLNF defunct. By the way,
that has to do with the bargaining promoting the Union des Loges free and fair if not to prepare the famous split that does not mean his name!

Brotherhood fooled!

PS: "Chiche" you will not publish this comment!

Winnie 10/24/2011 18:22

Yes, I will publish your comment with pleasure. It is totally unfounded. There was no meeting between Ephesse and Claude Seiler. The fallacious report has
been publicly denied by Claude Seiler on the FMR blog and the Pisan Propaganda Ministry has yet to produce a mention of it.

English Brother 10/09/2011 15:30

In light of the judge's recent letter to Mme Legrand, any new litigation in the name of GLNF must surely be a matter which unequivocally requires her explicit authorisation for the expenditure.

Unless Mme Legrand issues a statement confirming that she has authorised this action, perhaps FMR ought to file a third-party intervention with the court for the protection of GLNF assets, to
question whether FS has any legal right to take court action in the name of GLNF at the expense of the GLNF Association?

Winnie 10/24/2011 18:14

In theory this is true but in reality we are seeing more & more evidence that Ephesse & his band are riding roughshod over Miss Monique. or could it
be that she prefers Ephesse's position ? The persistant postponement of the Court of Appeal decision and Miss Monique's makes you think that someone is in cahoots with Ephesse or that he is able
to put untoward influence on the courts, directly or indirectly.