LML in English, one year already !

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Dear LML in English readers, one year ago yesterday the first article was posted on LML in English :




The initial idea of the blog was to translate a selection of articles taken from the other Myosotis blogs. Quickly that evolved to producing our own articles directed specifically to an international readership, particularly in Great Britain and North America. We know that our readership goes much further than that. Brethren consult LML in English in all European countries, in Africa, Asia, South America and the Pacific basin.


And by various means we know that the posted articles are read by the international Grand Lodge decision makers. If LML in English has helped in advancing the cause of the opposition to François Stifani and his apparatchiks, well and good. If our articles have contributed to the decisions of Grand Lodges to suspend relations or recognition of the GLNF we regret it, but these suspensions are an inevitable necessity in the process of putting Regular and Recognised Traditional Freemasonry back on the rails in France.


This article is the 372nd posted over the past year, an average of more than one per day. The statistics show the number of visits and the number of pages viewed. Unfortunately we have no way of knowing how many individual Brethren have read our articles. But, to all of you, wherever you are, be you a member of the GLNF or a Brother from another Obedience concerned for our future and that of Freemasonry in general, thank you for your readership and your encouragement. For as long as is necessary LML In English will continue to inform you of events within the GLNF and of the evolution of the struggle to rid ourselves of the Stifani stigma.


Our one great regret is that LML in English is still in existence and that its existence is more than ever necessary more than two whole years after a small group of courageous Brethren confronted François Stifani during the meeting of the Sovereign Grand Committee on December 4th, 2009. The LML in English team, like those contributing to the other Myosotis blogs, hoped they would rapidly become redundant and that the Brethren could get on with doing what they hoped for when they originally joined a Lodge; masoning.


Hopefully the appeals court decision of January 13th,  2012 and the announced date of the GLNF Association AGM of February 4th, 2012 will clarify the situation. In the same period we will have the first Provincial and National conventions of the ULRF, the only viable opposition group to François Stifani. The virulence with which he attacks the Union is proof of how much he fears its influence. And last Saturday’s winter solstice meeting of the SCPLF of the A&ASR made it clear that the Sovereign Grand Commander will not abandon the A&ASR Brethren within the GLNF.


There remains the question of the GLNF assets, a secondary question of far less importance than that of the future of Traditional Freemasonry here in France. But it remains a question that must be addressed. I am confident that within 2 months we will be able to hand the assets question over to the lawyers and the courts and we will return to labouring in our Lodges in calm and harmony.

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Arturusrex 12/15/2011 13:19

Dear Winnie, Ymlaen, Tamino and Readers All,
What brought us together one year ago was doubtlessly a sorry and regrettable matter, the disastrous state of affairs besetting us and the GLNF.What keeps us together is the prolongation of the
disaster. But not only that. I can't help wondering if the evil inherent in all that has not led to a greater good. I can't help wondering what we will do with our time when the situation is
cleared up and LML in English serves no further use!
And, by the way, what on earth did we do with our time before BigBang blew it all up?
Anyway, here on LML in English, I humbly have to state that through all this I have made many new masonic friends, yourselves all included; we will be firmly bound in the future, that is inevitable
and most heartening.

Winnie 12/15/2011 13:48

When the situation is finally cleared up Mrs Winnie has a long list of jobs that will more than fill my waking hours !