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Dear Readers of “LML in English”,

Over the past few days I’ve been waiting to post this article. Despite being written in English, the universal language of the 21st century, the core subjects of this blog, the opposition to François Stifani and his clique within the GLNF and the struggle to return to the Regularity of Traditional Freemasonry, are mainly of interest to French speakers.


The number of “LML in English” readers pales into insignificance when compared to the “heavy” Myosotis blogs such as Ligérien, PACA, Neustrie ou Maine Atlantique.


Nonetheless we can proudly announce that in the past 24 hours we have passed the 100 000 mark in number of page views and by tomorrow we’ll have achieved 35 000 in number of visits.


         - Page views                100 441

         - Visits                           34 792

         - Record day                    3 594 page views, July 21st, 2011, the day we announced the “scoop” concerning the withdrawal of recognition by 5 European Grand Lodges;


Currently the top article consulted is “Join the ULRF Now !” by Arturusrex, posted last Monday, September 5th.

If you have not yet suggested to your Lodge to take this step, I strongly advise you to do so.


65% of our readers are direct referrers, 2% come from the overall Myosotis community platform, 16% from external referrers and 17% from search engines. These percentages are fairly consistent, be they over a week or a month.

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Arturusrex 09/08/2011 10:40

Thanks, Winnie. There is great comfort in numbers (especially in fraternal company). We need to know the readers are there, because they are our only reason for writing.... or almost, for, as says
one of our little jingos, in answer to the question "Work you alone or in company?: "Sometimes alone and sometimes in company". And both are necessary if we are to make progress at any level. The
deep spade work put in over the last year or so by individual brothers working together is about to produce results that all will be able to appreciate, in the creation of the Union of Regular
Lodges for France.
So is my belief. Arturusrex

Winnie 09/08/2011 10:47

Sitting alone in front of the computer it is certainly reassuring to know that our meagre contribution is read and appreciated.