Lurking in the murky past (and murkier present)

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A translation of sordid events past and present, festering on in the GLNF,  posted on December 29 2010 on Myosotis Occitan blog by “Immanence”


We here put into print, having checked the sources and contents of the elements supplied to us, a communiqué of great interest. It is most instructive as to the morals of those who claim to be our “spiritual guides”


By Ordinance number 1024 of October 6th 2004, the PGM of Occitanie Province and his Deputy PGM, W.Bro Jacques C….n were, “as a conservatory measure  suspended from the GLNF, “for abnormal acts of administration concerning the finances of the Province of Occitanie and benefitting TBCC Association, and also erroneous presentation of accounts


As it subsequently transpired, (see below), there had never been any act of misappropriation, but only libelous presentation of the true facts affording a spurious pretext for the PGM (who had the support of his faithful Deputy, Jacques C…..n) to be sanctioned for having dared to stand for Grand-mastership against Jean-Charles F……r.

On October 21st 2004, a further ordinance (number 1028) decreed:

“We, Jean-Charles F……r, considering the mission assigned to W.Bro François S.…ni, member of the Board of Administration and chairman of the GLNF Ethics Committee, to establish an amiable settlement of the difference opposing the PGL of Occitanie  and the TBCC Association,

Refer to  the conservatory measure of suspension detailed in Ordinance number 1024

And declare that the effects of the aforesaid Ordinance v. W.Bro Jacques C…..n shall cease upon publication of the present.”

Thus the sanction against Jacques C…..n was removed but not that against the PGM, no explanation for this differentiation being given.


In the interim, Jacques C…..n had been to Juan-les-Pins (Côte d’Azur)   on a discreet home visit to François St…ni,  J-C’s lawyer and councellor. This initiative was not entirely his, otherwise we would not have learned of it. It was orchestrated by  several people “unbeknown to Jacques C…..n nor with his full will”. But he was not difficult to persuade.

Fingers point at Jean P.….T, Jean-Louis C.. ony and Guy D..…….N  (a friend of François St…ni’s) as his probable seducers, the latter named being a lawyer versed in criminal procedure, like F.S,. and, although only  recently initiated into masonry, already fully involved in the intrigues, and now recently appointed PGM for the Province  of Toulouse-Pyrenees.


Sent back home with the promise of appointment as PGM of a new, as yet un-born, Province- to-be, Toulouse-Pyrenees, Jacques C…..n still had to acquit himself of the pound of flesh demanded in return: i.e. a file  damning the PGM, Gérard R…n who wished to stand against J-C F……r for election as GM. of the GLNF. With this he complied quite willingly, it would seem, and Gérard R…n was subsequently suspended then barred from the Sovereign Grand Council (Ordinance number 1055 dated March 31st 2005.


The fact that the law of the land, immediately it was called on through  the courts to judge the issue, recognized that the accusations were unfounded and ordered J-C F……r  to reinstate R….d with his full rights in the GLNF, including his position as life member of the Sov. Gd. Council, no longer had any importance for them.

And, of course, this repudiation by the Law of the practices of the GM of the GLNF went completely unadvertised.

But Jacques C…..n was still not off the hook.

A prebendary will not always understand that he has been taken hostage, and for his thirty pence gained, he will have to pay back for the rest of his life.

So it came about that Jacques C…..n was not allowed or able to stop at just the sacrifice of his predecessor and friend, but he then had to organize the transfer to the Real Estate companies of the GLNF of all the estate belonging to the Province of Occitanie (the Masonic premises at rue Gabriel Péri in Toulouse and all the Masonic halls of the Province mainly financed by the brethren over the previous thirty years.

He did not content himself with doing a minimum, and he had to make two attempts in order to transfer to the  GLNF of  J-C F…….r and his lawyer and councellor, François St…ni (by then on site) the assets in estate and chattels of the Province. He failed on his first attempt when the co-proprietors, meeting in general assembly, demanded  verification in the books of the reality of certain items outlined by Jacques C…..n in his argument and discovered that they did not figure at all therein. He was then outvoted by over forty votes and left in a huff.  

Il Consigliere, Guy D……..n was still at his side, but the eye he brought to bear on the situation was now that of Pisan, where the coffers were ready waiting to gobble up the assets of Occitanie. Which is what happened thanks to another general assembly convened six months later, better organized to obtain the required result and with the encouraged attendance of less pernickety co-proprietors than the first time.

That is how it came about that the province of Occitanie was despoiled.

A repeat General Assembly, unstructured or rather, manipulated as to the participation, to obtain a ballot that suited its organizers, does that not remind you of something?


NB: These facts occurred between January 2005 and July 2006. Their precise dates are of course known and witnesses as to the manipulations, members of TBCC and share-holders in SAIO, are prepared to testify as to their veracity.


We note

-       that Jacques C…..n has twice benefitted from a structural position tailor-made for him and for others. Is that his reward for outstanding services? Or is it related to some sort of difficulty  in fitting them in somewhere “after the event”?

Brethren, in fact Jacques C…..n has no other sort of importance here than as a servile example of the practices that characterize his masters, nothing enabling us to think that these manœuvres are limited to him alone or to the sole Province of Occitanie

-       that the profane, non-masonic individuals who have transformed the GLNF into a P2 (of sinister recall) are not many in number It does indeed transpire from both press comments and witnesses’ memories  .that the same names crop up all the time. Even if we include the reinforcement they have from a few local muscle-men of lesser renown, they remain few and well identified. The deep  tumour is surrounded and isolated.
We have to remove it.
We will all probably be thinking that there are far more involved, but we should avoid making generalizations on the strength of our personal feelings. Often, we are dealing with a bunch of profiteers or else naïve people .It is conceivable they will not survive beyond the situation itself. The profiteers will betray, the naïve awaken…well, perhaps.

-       Finally, let us be thankful to Holy Providence for having sown in the devious paths of the three evil fellows, Claude C……….d, Jean-Charles F……r and François S…..i the seeds of the forget-me-not (Myosotis, in French)




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Arturusrex 12/30/2010 18:25

A festering wound indeed in the flesh of Occitanie and the GlNF and in the memories of how many simple visitors like myself to Toulouse over the Gérard Ramon years, not to mention the brethren of
that province, sacrificed to the greed and megalomania of Foellner and his gang.Gérard Ramon in Toulouse had got masonry running at all levels, all degrees, rites and side degrees, himself taking
part in many simple lodge meetings of all these degrees.His welcome was always memorable for a visitor. Then it all went to pieces.The facts now coming to light might perhaps help to restore what
there was, but after how many law suits? Arturusrex