Maître Legrand, GLNF Administrator, heard by the Police.

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From François Koch’s L’Express Blog,  La Lumière, September 23rd  

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September 23rd 2011 at 1830 hours., signed François Koch


Maître Monique Legrand, judicial administrator mandated ad hoc for the GLNF, was yesterday, Thursday September 21st, heard by a Police Captain of the Financial Service of the Judicial Police at 122-126 rue du Château des Rentiers in the 13th arrondissement (district) of Paris. Me Legrand, appearing in her above mentioned capacity, was questioned in the matter of a Preliminary Enquiry opened by the Public Prosecutor of Paris in June 2011, following a complaint lodged on March 7th 2011 against “X” (unnamed person)  by fourteen brothers from Lorraine, members of the GLNF.

The plaintiffs state that they fear :

- that the governors of the GLNF and its president, who has resigned, are continuing to use the financial resources of the GLNF Association,

- that cash outgoings continue to flow uncontrolled by the members of the GLNF

and (the existence of) very ill-defined imbrications within the cluster of multiple commercial structures held by the GLNF.

The fourteen brothers of the GLNF, acting independently of the various opposition movements, notably FMR-Myosotis, say they suspect possible forgeries of private and business correspondence, embezzlement of interest and properties belonging to the GLNF and/or false pretences, to the detriment of its members.

Probably upset by being summonsed , Me Monique Legrand asked the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris (County Court) to replace her as ad hoc administrator of the GLNF. and her advocate (Barrister),  M. Stéphane  Dumaine-Martin, to represent her at the Police HQ. Seemingly, the Vice-President of the Paris Court, Patrice Kurtz, who nominated her in the first place, persuaded her to withdraw her resignation  and honour her summons to attend the Police Enquiry, because she went there.

Despite my several attempts, I have not managed to make contact with Monique Legrand or Stéphane Dumaine-Martin. 

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