Maître Legrand meets with FMR's Claude Seiler & Dominique Moreau

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Meeting with Claude Seiler, Dominique Moreau and Maître Monique Legrand, Judicial Administrator of the GLNF, April 13th 2011.


Maître Legrand expounded to us her reflections, after hearing various protagonists in the crisis which led to her appointment at the request of FMR.

To summarize:  she is concerned at the moral crisis caused by the GLNF hierarchy and is pleased to encounter the “opposition”, now that their position is reinforced by the stand point expressed by a certain number of Provincial Grand masters.

Concerning the latter, she confirmed to us that she had in no case given her consent to their replacement. Her opinion is that they remain in office under her authority until such time as a new Grand Master shall have been ratified by the General Assembly.

François Stifani, in her opinion, will not be qualified as of such time that his authority is no longer acknowledged by the majority.  

Maître Legrand is actively preparing the coming General Assembly and will be publishing all the audits of GLNF accounts including all its satellites, without exception, whether concerning financial flow or justification of such.

In her capacity as President of the Grand Council for Discipline, she foresees in the near future lifting all bans and sanctions pronounced for opposition to the GM.

Furthermore, she has asked for a statement concerning the situation of the Province Val de Loire.

With Maître Legrand, we found ourselves speaking to someone particularly well informed and attentive, who wants to help us in safeguarding our institution.

Further meetings are planned to detail our strategy of implementation. link



Claude SEILER - Dominique MOREAU


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