Maître Legrand, not so grand after all

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Late this afternoon, on the eve of the National Day, a public holiday and traditionally the beginning of the annual holidays for most people here in France all members of the GLNF received the latest copy of Brèves by e-mail. This missive from the Pisan Propaganda Ministry invited us to download an unsigned, undated note from Maître Legrand which doesn’t even have her professional stamp upon it. link


The first  question that springs to mind is how does Pisan communicate with thos members of the GLNF who do not have an e-mail address or a computer ? Snail mail, carrier pigeon, pony express ?


The note orders us to pay an exceptional contribution (without stipulating the amount). Those who fail to do so by July 19th, just 6 days away including a public holiday, a traditional “pont” plus a weekend, are threatened with being struck off the GLNF membership register on July 20th. If it wasn’t so ludicrous I might even be tempted to laugh.


We have absolutely no guarantee that this document has been produced or authorised by Maître Legrand. I’m tempted to suggest that it is a 100 % Pisan production. For if Maître Legrand is behind the note I suggest she re-read the Statutes and By-Laws of our Association. The terms of the note are in direct contradiction with Article 16.3 of the By-Laws “Definitive exclusion occurs when the lateness in payment is for two years”. The procedure of exclusion is covered by Article 17.1. In it the Lodge is seized upon the initiative of the WM, or the PGM or the GM prior to a contradictory debate and a secret ballot.


The dues for 2010-2011 have not been voted, the dues have not and cannot be called and therefore, no dues are payable for the moment. Why be concerned over an inexistent obligation ? Should the cash reserves of the GLNF run so low as to put the existence of the Association at risk, at best Maître Legrand could call upon the Brethren to make a contribution but under no circumstances can she threaten us with sanctions if we don’t rush for our cheque books.


Since December 4th, 2009 we have become used to François Stifani’s disregard for legal procedure (when it suits his purposes) his quick resort to legal procedure (when it suits his purpose) and his cavalier attitude in general. Today’s effort smacks more of François Stifani than of Maître Legrand.


Faced with the open threat stated clearly and explicitly in the note there is only one body who can and should decide, the Lodge, the most sovereign of all the GLNF entities. Pisan cannot decide, neither can FMR, Myosotis, the XV GMPs, or Uncle Tom Cobbly. And that is exactly why the “Solemn Declaration of the Lodges” has been established; so that the Lodge’s sovereign decision can be heard.


The undated, unsigned and non-stamped note purporting to come from Maître Legrand makes no mention of the amount of the “exceptional contribution”, provides no justification for the claim that the GLNF is strapped for cash.


Myosotis has investigated. The cash reserves of the GLNF more than suffice to meet all foreseeable future expenditure. Under no circumstances can the terms of the note be justified. And the open threat is a toothless tiger as the by-laws of the Association prevent it being implemented.


Don’t be intimidated. Don’t pay anything. Not a cent, not a farthing, not a brass razoo !!! No AG, no nothing !!!


Nil illegitimus carborundum !!!

Don’t let the bastard grind you down !!!

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Baldrick of Dunny on the Wold 07/14/2011 11:18

It really is pretty irrelevant as to who created the .pdf file and then posted it via the Brèves website e-mailing list. What is important is whether the letter is genuine or not. I would have
thought that FMR's team of highly qualified lawyers who are in regular contact with Maître Legrand will be able to tell us PDQ whether the letter is from her or not.

Rather than just trashing it perhaps it would be wiser to wait until we know some facts?

Judging by comments elsewhere there seems to be a lot of people adopting a "head in the sand" attitude to this. As I said, if it's real (and I would assume that Me. Legrand knows her job and
wouldn't issue a directive like this unless she was sure of her facts) then there are fireworks ahead.

Perhaps as it's Bastille Day that's sadly appropriate.

Winnie 07/14/2011 14:45

It was FMR who quickly verified that there's still plenty of cash left in the bikky tin. The begged question is obviously just how much  influence does
the 3rd floor bunker have on Maître Legrand and why ? To date we have heard lots about in-depth audits, stern faced charachters sticking their long noses into every crook and cranny of the GLNF
and its numerous satellites. But, to date, we have yet to see any figures or conclusions.

I stick to my long announced stance : no AG, no money !!!

Baldrick of Dunny on the Wold 07/14/2011 09:24

I'm not sure she's bluffing. At the beginning of June, Lodge Treasurers were asked to send information to her in Paris regarding the "suivi des cotisations" so presumably there was an intention
then to do something about the level of non payment.

At least you'll probably find out pretty soon whether you've been chucked out or not. Then what are you going to do? AGM or not, those wo haven't paid their subs aren't going to get a vote and
you'll have no say in what happens in the future. Perhaps you've all played into Stifani's hands by witholding your subs. Once he's got rid of you all he can do what he likes...

Me, my papers have gone in to rejoin GLUA. The GLNF is well and truly FUBAR.

Winnie 07/14/2011 10:09

The Lodge Treasurers were asked to send the information to Pisan, not Maître Legrand. In a few minutes I'll post an article revealing who is the real author
of yesterday's unsigned, undated, unstamped note. And it very definitely wasn't Miss Monique !!!