Me Legrand : François Stifani is no longer GM of the GLNF

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In the following abridged translation of an article by François Koch on Express La Lumière blog, we bring you a news item of some considerable importance, indicating a shift in the power positions of Stifani and his opponents, as Me Legrand becomes a full judicial administrator under new powers given her by the judge. Her call for back payments in exchange for voting rights at another GA to come could well back-fire and cause many more hesitating brethren to put a full stop on their GLNF days and finally throw in their lot with the URLF. And her call for candidates to replace Stifani can not really be expected to calm the opposition’s fears of manipulation by claimants that the ULRF does not support. Clearly, however, the situation is changing fast and moving in new ways.

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Me Legrand : François Stifani is no longer GM of the GLNF

February 17th 2012 17H28 by

François Koch

In her first communiqué as provisional judicial administrator of the GLNF, Monique Legrand on February 17th clearly decided to strike a heavy blow. In four pages of text addressed to all the brethren, she wrote: “No one can any longer after today make legitimate claim to the function of Grand Master in view of the vote held n February 4th 2012.” The remark followed a foregoing statement that “the Grand Master and/or those acting in his name, are as of now deprived of all legitimacy.”  Rare words for Madame Legrand. So this time, she was speaking with strong words and great vigour!

And the consequences ?

Mè Legrand invites claimants to the Grand Mastership to make themselves known to her in the next ten days. She plans to bring the candidates together to reflect on the most uncontroversial method of designation by a College to be called to meet in March 2012.

She disallows the usage of GLNF resources for all disciplinary exclusion measures as of February 4th 2012. No further measures for admitting or excluding members can be validated by any than herself.

But in spite of all, a question remains : will only those electors of February 4th 2012 (at which meeting very few members of the opposition were represented)  be able to ratify the Grand Master’s appointment at a General Assembly?  Or, will Mè Legrand allow votes from lodge delegates (WM’s and Wardens) in response to their making payment of dues outstanding, as  called for by Alain Juillet? The subject is already one of debate in the PACA and Val de Loire provinces.

The turning point reached on February 4th now clearly seems to be taking shape. What actually happened but seemed unclear is gradually becoming more understandable. Mè Legrand really had ordered F.Stifani to keep out of the GLNF building as a consequence of his refusal to accept  the disavowal inflicted on him by the GA on February 4th, and then lifted the ban when he acknowledged, by way of  a text written by his lawyer the result of that vote.

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Élihu, fils de Barakeel de Buz 02/20/2012 15:13

For the attention of our English speaking brothers.

In 1776, When a couple of brothers, dreaming of a new Jerusalem, were putting together a constitution of a small amount of territories, colonies of the kingdom of England, the kingdom of France was
about to live a revolution.

As the United States are used to negotiation, compromise, work around, France is used to conflict, right of the strongest, revolution.

From a point of view over the Ocean, our situation in France may seem a little strange. Keep in mind that this situation has become unacceptable by the bros of the GLNF following 15 years of rule
twisting by the preceding Grand Masters i. e. Claude C. , Jean Charles F , François S . All these GM’s are professional lawyers ! They have used the metals to turn a brotherhood into a centre of
profits to their own benefits. Yes Brothers ! In all the other countries, Masonry is an example of charity except in France
They have so much succeeded in changing the rules of the GLNF that it is now impossible to control. In facts : the GM nominates the 300 electors who in return elect the GM….

300 brothers (having no mandate of the other members) rule 43000 bros !
Internal advises , exchange of ideas , negotiations, dialogue, etc. were of no efficiency … 43 000 may not lose in front of 300, so it remains the rebellion !

With the French context of the “revolution” this situation will end in a non conventional manner.

May I recommend or brothers to be patient and expect the result of the internal fights who will take place.

Taking the example in quantum mechanics there an initial state and a final state. It is difficult to know what is in-between…
Be patient … Be perseverant !

Winnie 02/21/2012 14:59

Our Brother Lafayette went to America to help the American cause of independence rid the colonies of the English oppressors. Let's hope our American Brethren
take up the challenge and help us get rid of the stifanatic or build a new Grand Lodge.

Grande Loge Espérance !!! Sounds promising !!!