Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa !!!

Published on by Allan Sanders

Brethren wherever you are, please accept my humblest apologies for the erroneous report that the three home Grand Lodges had withdrawn recognition of the GLNF. I had received the information from two independent sources in England and Scotland, both normally reliable. 

There are some who would wish to accuse me of spreading the report with an agenda of destabilising the GLNF Brethren and increasing the GL-AMF membership. Nothing was further from my mind. The GLNF management, by its dogged refusal to accept the reality of the situation, is doing an excellent job of destabilising the Brethren without my added assistance. And the 100 to 150 new members that arrive each day at the GL-AMF are ample proof that it doesn't need me to swell the numbers.

Back to the meeting of the three Grand Lodges : In fact, the annual tripartite meeting will occur later this week, not in London, but in Dublin. There is no doubt that the GLNF and general French masonic scene will be discussed. Any decision taken at that meeting is only a recommendatiopn to each of the three Grand Lodges. They then can discuss the recommendation within their own internal stuctures and administrations. In the case of the UGLE, the earliest possible decision would be at the next meeting of the Board of General Purposes in September. For the Grand Lodges of Ireland and Scotland I understand that any decision could take until November or December.

Once again, please accept my most humble apology.

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gerry 07/18/2012 00:22

You were right - so no need to apologise. GLOf Scotand have sent out a letter today stating GLNF recognition wil be withdrawn as from the 20th July and UGLE from the quaterly communications -
September 16th. If you want to see the letters gladly send them to you. No doubt Ireland has done one as well but not seen that

Allan Sanders 07/18/2012 16:27

i'm trying to obtain information on the position of the GL of Ireland.

Philippe Christian 07/17/2012 23:35

Brother Allan,
Ité missa est!
Look the blog l'EXPRESS For GL of Scotland and UGLE, it's the end ...
Fraternally yours

iRam 07/17/2012 19:43

The GMM of Scotland issued a Statement regarding the Grand (sic) Loge Nationale Francaise today (17 th July)

«… in order to protect the reputation of Brethen of the Grand Lodge of Scotland worldwide, formal recognition of the Grand Loge Nationale Francaise is withdrawn with immediate effect.
The Grand Lodge of Scotland will continue to closely observe developments in France and it is our wish and prayer that our Brethen in France will overcome thier present difficulties to enable
to be readmitted to the Brotherhood of Regular Freemasonry.

Charles Iain Robert Wolrige Gordon of Esslemont
Grand Master Mason»

Allan Sanders 07/18/2012 16:26

Article posted on LML in English

S. Cartefigue 07/16/2012 23:02

Now that the soufflé has fallen down, let's go back to the right question as asked by Pierre on 07/10 :

Allan Sanders 07/17/2012 13:58

I presume you are asking whèy the UGLE is taking so long to make a move. I answered that in my reply to Pierre on July 10th.

Philippe Christian 07/16/2012 07:57

hello Allan,
Have you got a news from Dublin meeting last week end ?
Fraternally yours

Allan Sanders 07/17/2012 10:41

The silence is deafening !