Misinformation, the name of the game

Published on by Allan Sanders

With just 24 hours to go before Miss Monique meets with the Committee of ex-officio members (the civil form of the SGC) to designate the candidate for Grand Master, you can imagine the lobbying that is going on within the GLNF. Discreet meetings, whispered telephone conversations, e-mails and textos flying in every direction, winks and nods to left and right.

The original eight candidates are down to six. Thibaut CAYLA pulled out and has put his weight behind the Foellner filly, SERVEL. Other than a copious lunch, what has been promised in return is your guess !

The second withdrawal is Jacques GRILL. He hasn’t thrown his weight behind any particular candidate preferring to support ”…the candidate most likely to restore a spirit of fraternity…bla, bla, bla”! His cellphone must be running hot !!!

The eternal bridesmaid, Jean MURAT, is soliciting every man and his dog but doesn’t seem to be getting much in return.

The real gem comes in the misinformation category. Semper-Fi (or someone purporting to be him), renowned for his scoops, one of which landed six Myosotis moderators in court for libel, has revealed that GL-AMF Grand Master, Alain Juillet, met with Foellnerian candidate, Jean-Pierre SERVEL, in Toulon on July 23rd. The reason for the meeting ? The negotiation of a secret agreement on the conditions for the return of the GL-AMF to the GLNF. The only problem is that we have the undeniable proof that Alain Juillet was more than 1500 km from Toulon on July 23rd. On that day, accompanied by GL-AMF Deputy Grand Master, Dominique Moreau, he was in BERLIN, at the invitation of the Grand Master of the Federation of German Grand Lodges. Before spreading such flagrant misinformation the Pisan Propaganda Ministry and similar hopefuls should at least put together a plausible story !

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