Miss Monique gets another 6 months… …Another 6 X 166 000 € down the gurgler ?

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The news has just been released. Maître Monique Legrand has had her mandate as GLNF administrator extended by another 6 months.



That will give her full employment and an assured and very comfortable income through to July 24th, 2012. If the figures announced recently by l’Express journalist, François Koch, are accurate, that means Miss Monique will pocket almost an additional 1 million euros. Is there any wonder she gives little impression of wanting to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs ?


Almost 11 months after her appointment GLNF Brethren are still waiting for the AGM she was supposed to organise “without delay”.

Almost 11 months after her appointment to put order into the GLNF accounts GLNF Brethren are still as much in the dark as they were the day of her appointment.

Almost 11 months after her appointment the GLNF Brethren are still waiting to know the exact state of the Obedience’s cash reserves.

Almost 11 months after her appointment the only communication received by the brethren has been illegal demands to pay the not yet voted 2010 – 2011 dues and illegal demands to make an exceptional contribution.

Almost 11 months after her appointment at the head of the GLNF Association she continues to allow François Stifani to act as if he were still the association president.

Almost 11 months after her appointment Henry the Beancounter continues to rule the administrative roost, providing Miss Monique with the information he feels fit and withholding that which he feels is not to be divulged


Faced with a seeming impossibility to move the monolithic GLNF machine even a trifle GLNF Brethren are entitled to wonder about what relations or links there could be between François Stifani, Miss Monique and the Vice-President of the Paris Court of Appeal, Patrice Kurz.


And there's more !!! A close reading of the request for an additional 6 months indicates that Miss Monique has until March 31st, 2012 to call the AGM. See pages 4 & 6 of the ordinance.

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