Miss Monique has to give back 873 918 €

Published on by Winnie

On January 9th LML in English published an article “Miss Monique takes a hammering in court”. Yesterday the nail was hammered home.

In a case concerning her fees paid by COSEM, grouping a number of health centres in and around Paris, Justice Patrice KURZ (him again !) had set her fees at 1 128 649 €. Yesterday the Paris Court of appeal reduced this sum to 254 731 €, a reduction of 873 918 €, representing a diminution of 77% compared to the original amount.

LML in English reports on this case because the opposition within the GLNF is asking serious questions concerning Miss Monique’s fees and not getting straight answers. If she provided access to the principal ledger as she promised to do way back in July last year, we might get a little closer to the truth.

In the COSEM case Justice Kurz  used the fees scale applicable to property managers and inheritance administration whereas Miss Monique’s task was to prepare a project of statutes and call an AGM (sound familiar ?)

Let’s hope that having to find close on 900 000 € won’t encourage Miss Monique to let the GLNF file drag on interminably.

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TONTON BERETTA de LA BUTTE 02/17/2012 13:52

Elle à remboursé avec notre oseille ? :-)

Winnie 02/21/2012 14:54

I don't know which account she's going to use to write the cheque. Not mine, i'm sure, as usual it's in the red !

George Philpott 02/15/2012 20:30

mmm you reap what you sow.... poor Miss Monique! As the Sergeant Major used to say in that great comedy -it ain't 'arf Hot mum - "oh dear, what a pity , never mind" I think the Germans would call
it schadenfreude.... :-)

Winnie 02/16/2012 10:03

We need to keep our eye on her. She seems to like taking more than her fair share of bikkies from the barrel. And it appears Judge Kurz lets her do