Miss Monique hits Ephesse for six

Published on by Allan Sanders

My humblest apologies to readers on the other side of the duckpond, the title comes from “cricket” the only game that shares its name with an insect, the only game that takes mealbreaks, the only game that can be played for 5 days straight and still not get a result, and also, the “game for gentlemen played by gentlemen” !

Having set the scene, imagine Miss Monique wearing a couple of mattresses strapped to her legs, a helmet reminiscent of the days of knights and chaste maidens, and holding a piece of aged willow well-seasoned with linseed oil. Ephesse ambles in and at exactly 22 yards from her he lets fly with a “googly” (our American Brethren are permitted the use of a dictionary). Miss Monique draws back on the willow and hits Ephesse for six. TRANSLATION : she belts him out of the stadium and scores a home run.

So what has really happened on the GLNF playing field ? Ephesse had announced his intention of designating his successor as candidate for Grand Master at the meeting of the SGC that he has called for August 31st.

Such effrontery stuck in Miss Monique’s craw because she, and she alone, determines the procedure for designating the next Grand Master by the SGC and his eventual ratification by an AGM. Her position is well defined by court decisions as L’Express journalist, François Koch points out in his article. link

Miss Monique is reported to have stated this directly to Ephesse in an interview at 3 p.m. two days ago.

Ephesse may have called a meeting of the SGC for August 31st but Miss Monique has already indicated that she intends calling a meeting of the same body “after the summer holidays”, the date announced is September 6th a 1.30 p.m. And that it is at that meeting of the SGC that the candidate for Grand Master will be designated. Candidatures for Grand Master close at 6 p.m. on August 9th. All those after the biggest blue apron had better forget cocktails on the terrace at Sennequier and call their legal eagles !!!

Miss Monique intends basing her argument on a GLNF note N° 10 “What is the method for designating the Grand Master ?” dated February 9th, 2011, published in the stillborn “GLNF 101” whose editor in chief is none other than the Little Duce, Ephesse himself !!! The note states clearly that a candidate for Grand Master “must have obtained more than 50% of the vote” (and Ephesse fell far short of that on March 30th).

And it gets worse for Ephesse : the very same note states that should a candidate fail to be ratified at the AGM the SGC must designate another candidate. By his own pen Ephesse is ineligible. Talk about being hoist by his own petard !!!

Note N° 10 : link

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Landaise 08/03/2012 23:42

Dear brother. Thank you for informing us on regular basis on what's going on. And thanks also to Internet. My point is the following: this communication from the "Basel Group" shows that there is a
threat that France becomes a real "open territory" from regular masonry standpoint. In this context it is complicating things for the UGLE because by withdrawing its recognition to GLNF the UGLA
will definitely opens the French territory. On the other hands we all know that such withdrawal is expecting by a lot of silent French brothers and will definitely kill the GLNF. A "sacrifice" is
needed for the UGLE: kill the GLNF and then open the French territory at least for short/medium period of time. The question is which one?

Allan Sanders 08/04/2012 10:47

The message from the "Basel group", 5 of the most important European Grand Lodges, is clear: France is not an open territory and any foreign gréand Lodge or
Jurisdiction which decides that it is will suffer the consequences. The UGLE is certainly monitoring events and notghing that has occurred over thye past few days will change their intention to
sever ties definitively with the GLNF. That will be the final straw and many other Grand Lodges throughout the world will follow suit. In a few short weeks François Stifani will be Grand Master
of nothing at all !

Tony Calvert 07/27/2012 09:19

Yes Yes... BUT Ephesse did write the rule as a guide to others and of courses that means they do not apply to himself. Just like signing a letter of resignation!! He smiles and tells us it was just
a joke he did not mean it realty, you stupid unwashed idiots. Now get back into line behind me and my big blue apron

Allan Sanders 07/27/2012 10:10

The GLNF continues to march to two entirely different rhythms. it all depends if you are on the ground floor or the third floor of the Pisan