Miss Monique is named « administrateur provisoire » for the next 6 months.

Published on by Winnie

In an ordinance dated February 15th Judge Patrice KURZ (always the same one) of the paris Supreme Court has modified Miss Monique’s title to “administrateur provisoire” and confirmed her appointment for another 6 months to August 14th, 2012. LINK KURZ-15.02.2012 KURZ-15.02.2012


Her new appointment gives her full powers of :


- President of the GLNF Association

- The GLNF Association Board of Administration

- The GLNF Association Committee

- The individual roles of each member of the GLNF Association Board of Administration


No longer can François Stifani interpret court decisions at his will. Miss Monique,  and only Miss Monique decides. And only Miss Monique can authorise expenditure, down to the very last centime.

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