Miss Monique is there until 2013…at least !!!

Published on by Allan Sanders

Today, Miss Monique’s favourite judge, Patrice Kurz (where’s Maître Dumaine-Martin, the third leg of the milking stool ?) brought down an ordinance prolonging her position as administrator of the GLNF for another six months until February 15th, 2013.

As well he stipulated that she will occupy the position of administrator until a new Grand Master is installed. Which means she’s boss of the GLNF until such time as the SGC elects a new Grand Master candidate, a new AGM ratifies the candidature by a majority vote of Lodge delegates and SGC members, and then the Candidate is duly installed during a formal meeting of the Grand Lodge. All that will take how long and at what expense ? And if Ephesse stands again, how many AGMs will be necessary to get a Grand Master ?

With thousands of Brethren voting with their feet and joining the GL-AMF (441 Lodges and 8458 members as I type this post) the GLNF cash reserves must be drying up very quickly. Perhaps Justice Kurz or one of his colleagues will decide to put the Obedience into liquidation before a new Grand Master can be installed.

One definite thing came out of today’s decision. Miss Monique has the key to the cash box, so it’s she, and only she, who will decide the nature of the GLNF centenary. Ephesse may not have his day in the limelight. 

In the meantime there’s blood all over the walls on the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker. Grand Secretary Heyraud has been given the heave-ho. No loss, I’m sure you’ll agree, he signed many an ordinance of exclusion or suspension without the slightest hesitation. But his blue apron was quickly snatched up by Daniel Denis (Dédé la Plume !). Another casualty is PGM Jacques Cambon, head prefect of the south – west. He had the effrontery to write to Ephesse criticizing his management methods, a suicidan stance. Many in the south – west will heave a sigh of relief at his departure.

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