Miss Monique loses her appeal, AGM maintained for June 23rd

Published on by Allan Sanders

This afternoon the Paris Appeals Court rejected Miss Monique’s appeal against the single round ballot at the March 30th SGC meeting. So the designation of Ephesse as Grand Master candidate stands. It is up to the Lodge delegates to vote for or against its ratification at next Saturday’s AGM of the GLNF association.

A positive vote means Ephesse wins, thereby condemning the GLNF to at least 5 more years of autocratic rule, nepotism and opaque financial management. The only true winners will be those firms manufacturing blue aprons and related baubles.

Should the vote go against Ephesse, not a totally impossible situation, Miss Monique will be obliged to call another meeting of the civil form of the SGC to elect a new Grand Master candidate, followed by another general meeting of the association with a new vote of ratification.

At Saturday’s AGM the other 2 items on the agenda are the approval of the 2010-2011 accounts and the 2012-2013 budget. Information released over the past few days concerning Ephesse’s hotel bills (Le Canard Enchaîné) and analysis of the GLNF accounts Myosotis Lutèce) have raised numerous questions that could jeopardize Ephesse’s victory. Numerous blogs are calling Lodge delegates to vote “No” to all three resolutions.

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