Miss Monique’s GM election procedure validated by the court

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L’Express journalist, François Koch, reports that Judge Kurz (yes, him again !) has validated Miss Monique’s (yes, her again !) organisation for the election of the new Grand Master at the SGC meeting just 3 weeks away. link


By ordinance he authorises her :


to use Cecurity.com for solutions to the difficulties that confronted suspended and excluded Brethren at the February 4th AGM. (To date our protests to a “huissier de justice” on that day have produced nothing).


to create a commission to investigate suspensions and exclusions brought down since January 21st, 2011.


to establish the list of candidates for the Post of Grand Master.


Writing to the 8 other lawyers present at a meeting with Miss Monique, her personal legal eagle, Maître Stéphane Dumaine-Martin (yes, him again; that completes the Kurz – Legrand – Dumaine Martin triangle for this article !!!) confirmed that the SGC in its civil form will elect the GM in a two round ballot on March 30th. This,  despite writs by Balloo the Legal Bear and Ephesse himself, contesting the procedure. Their writs are to be heard on March 27th and 29th. They have little hope of succeeding but we are used to their time-wasting strategies.


The composition of the 6 man Commission to hear claims for suppression of suspensions and exclusions is now known. For the  current management, Patrick Bérard, Jacques Grill and the notorious Jean-Paul Dupinay . For the opposition: Christophe Edon (for Alain Juillet and the ULRF), Vincent Belcolore (Collectif NiNi) and Thibault Gonggryp (for the 13 rebellious PGMs). Substitute member : Pierre Emery (for Jean Murat).


On paper it seems a balanced selection. BUT :


the 3 members for the current management represent a very small percentage of the overall GLNF membership, probably as little as 10%.

it has been announced that only one commissioner will handle each file, giving you only one chance in two of getting a positive result. I can hardly see a hard line Ephesse apparatchik like J-P Dupinay going against His Master’s Voice !

there is only one commissioner representing jointly Alain Juillet and the ULRF, which stands for well more than 50% of the GLNF membership.

Patrick Bérard and Jean-Paul Dupinay are members of the National Disciplinary Council which pronounced most of the sanctions in the first place. They can hardly be expected to go against their own decisions or those of the man who used to be at the top.

the decision by a commissioner is final with no recourse to appeal, in the best tradition of recent GLNF definitions of democratic procedure.


The first meeting of the Commission is scheduled for march 14th. LML in English will keep you informed of the results.

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No end, no issue 03/10/2012 18:49

if you don't understand after these two years of proceedings, it's normal, you're not crazy at all.

it'a an affair of french riviera maffia which has confiscated the power of GLNF.

poor true french masons; poor lord hamptill; poor desrosiere; system is corrupted.

Winnie 03/12/2012 11:44

You are so right !