Miss Monique sends a « heavy » summons

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120 pages !!! Weighing 350 grams!!! We were under the impression Miss Monique had forgotten how to send a letter (other than ones menacing exclusion if you don’t pay !). Well, she has found her memory. And weighed in with a 120 page summons and accessory documents to the GLNF Association AGM to be held on February 4th . Could it be that this heavyweight gesture is an attempt to justify her fees ? link


The summons is to an ordinary AGM, what she was appointed to organise “without delay” a whole year ago. As an ordinary AGM no extraordinary motions can be put. Therefore, no possibility of modifying the Statutes and By-Laws. Just the possibility of approving the accounts (!!!), voting the budget (!!!) and…


…ratifying the designation of the president of the association, that designation having been determined by the Sovereign Grand Committee.


The documents supplied by Miss Monique state that the Grand Master’s mandate ends on the first Saturday of December 2012. This has been confirmed by the courts. Miss Monique reminds us that her mandate gives her no right to interfere in “masonic domains” and that the president of the GLNF Association is the Grand master, François Stifani. She has yet to explain how he can still be Grand Master since he resigned as president of the Association back in January 2011.


How can a new President be ratified on February 4th if François Stifani is still Grand Master ?… … unless Miss Monique believes the AGM will ratify François Stifani. With a Sovereign Grand Committee of more than 400 members who march to his orders and more than 300 Lodges suspended he might just get his way. Unless we, the Brethren make our voice heard.

Since Miss Monique has no right to enter “masonic domains” she is asking the GLNF Brethren via their delegates to merely rubber stamp François Stifani once again as president of the association on February 4th.


Similarly there will be no vote for the association board. It is composed of Stifani, Foellner, Charbonniaud, Cano, Balloo (spell it how you will) and whoever they wish to name.


And there will be no vote for the association committee. Resolution N° 11 informs us that it consists of :


the association president who is the Grand Master (Stifani in case you’ve forgotten)

the vice-president who is the DGM (Cano)

a secretary who is the Grand Orator (Balloo)

a treasurer who is the Grand Treasurer


End of story, two years wasted, do not pass “Go”, do not collect $200, thank you linesmen, thank you ball boys !!!


NO ! NO ! NO ! Three bloody times “NO” !!!


We will not tolerate such a travesty of justice and a mockery of our legitimate rights. Brethren, make yourself available on February 4th, whether you are a delegate or not, no matter whether your Lodge has been suspended or is still on the GLNF register, who cares if Stifani has struck you off or has not yet got around to it. Make sure you are at the Docks in Seine St Denis on February 4th. Make sure that each and every resolution on the summons is soundly rejected. It’s time to stand up and be counted and to give the democratic rights back to the Brethren.


If you vote “NO” to every resolution the system will be blocked. Okay, it won’t end the crisis but it will oblige Miss Monique to go before the courts to seek a solution. And the only possible outcome of that is the liquidation of the GLNF assets.


We are better off without the GLNF nametag. It is and will remain a millstone round our neck for years to come. Join the ULRF as an individual adherent. The more Brethren who do the more power of persuasion we will have before the courts when the spoils are to be divided. We can get on with doing what we joined the GLNF for in the first place…Masoning. And we can leave the assets question to the lawyers.


One thing is sure, if liquidation is pronounced it won’t be done by Miss Monique. In France the professions of administrator and liquidator are distinctly separate.

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John Sage 01/09/2012 20:45

Here's a thought. Many members of GLNF don't have the little sticker to say that you've paid. I have one from 2008 I think but am current with subscriptions. If I and others want to attend is it
worth it without the sticker? Travel to France is expensive and I don't want to make a wasted journey. Any ideas?

Winnie 01/09/2012 21:51

Don't book your ticket yet. But watch this space. LML in English is following developments and will keep you informed. If your Lodge is not yet suspended and
you are up to date with your subscriptions there should be no worries.