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For months the Brethren have observed Maître Monique Legrand’s total lack of reactivity, her seeming inability to come to grips with the task the courts have appointed her.

   Despite the remarks and observations on virtually all the blogs,

   Despite her promises before witnesses in meetings to supply documents and order work to be undertaken,

   Despite the initial order made by the court back in January to organise an AGM “without delay”

nothing appears to have happened since January 24th, almost 11 months ago.

 What has the administrator achieved over all these months  ?

- The illegal demand that the Brethren pay the 2010 – 2011 dues that cannot be called until an AGM has approved them

- The illegal demand that the Brethren make an exceptional contribution, such a contribution must be justified by proof that the future of the association is in peril

- The approval of excessive expenditure allowing François Stifani and his closest advisors to parade on the international masonic stage

- Etc, etc, etc 

FMR – Myosotis and their lawyers are still waiting for the principal account book of the GLNF Association promised a whole 6 months ago (“It will sent to you by the end of the week” !). FMR-Myosotis is still waiting to receive confirmation that Maître Legrand has enlarged the audit mission that the Cabinet Bellot is to undertake. This promise was made at the same time as promising the account book.

And all the while she allows Ephesse to continue as if he was still president of the GLNF Association. And Henry the Beancounter gives the impression that he’s the one who tells Miss Monique what to do, rather than she commanding him.

Perhaps we should have looked a little closer at the history of Miss Monique’s modus operandi.

On Myosotis Breton Korrigan has been doing his homework.

Let's start with the Désert de Retz story as reported in "Le Monde" on February 22nd 2010 :

It’s a magic place, innocent, whose name is “Désert de Retz”, an undulating 18th Century estate, a nationally classified monument, located in the Commune of Chambourcy in the Yvelines (just to the west of greater Paris – translator’s note). It is also the subject of twenty court cases over the past twenty years.

And it’s not over yet. The most recent episode : the former owners, Olivier Choppin de Janvry and Jean-Marc Heffler, who saved the site and put life into it from 1986 to 2006, are contesting before the Versailles Supreme Court the sale conditions of the property in 2007 to a neighbouring golf course, after which the golf course sold it to the Chambourcy commune for one euro.”

 What does all this have to do with Maître Legrand ?

The court decision is pronounced in February 2006. For the most part the court agrees with Olivier Choppin de Janvry and Jean-Marc Heffler.  The golf course must pay for the next 30 years. The golf course appeals, risking penalties. Since the court demanded  immediate execution the golf course deposited a guarantee of approximately 650 000 euros with the Caisse des Dépôts.

Some months later, in May 2006 , Yves Simart closes his business and is succeeded by Monique Legrand. Surprise ! She takes the opposite view to her predecessor and sells Désert de Retz… …to the golf course for 1 650 000 euros.

Legal, perhaps, but questionable : for everything appears to have been arranged to get the golf course out of a problem and allow Désert de Retz to fall into the municipality’s net. And it is for these reasons that the former owners have gone  to court. In Versailles they are demanding that the sale be declared null and void for “low price” and they are suing Maître Legrand under her professional responsibility.

There would appear to be similarities with the sale management of the Wagram apartment, perhaps even Scribe !

Now, let’s look at the French Equestrian Federation (FFE).

 By decrees dated August 2nd and 3rd, 2005 the FFE loses its approval of the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Associations.  The federation is condemned for not have made its Statutes conform with the “Lamour” Law N° 2003-708 of  August 1st, 2003. As well  the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries withdrewits approval by decree on October 6th, 2005.

The main reason the FFE had not modified its statutes is that the the “Lamour” Law  imposes de facto a sub-representation of the  voting rights of commercial equestrian clubs (which are in the majority by numbers) in favour of non-commercial structures. (source : Wikipedia)

The FFE President, Mr Lecomte, is challenged  and the FFE is placed in the hands of a court appointed administrator, Maître Monique Legrand.

 Mr lecomte, sole candidate, is re-elected president of the FFE at an AGM that the Paris Supreme Court had declared to have no legal standing just the day before. And lacking a quorum, the statutary extraordinary general assembly did not take place. (souce : Cavadeos)


On the site : www.attelage.org, the following text has been published :

Maître legrand, administrator of the FFE summonsed to appear :

Maître Bacquet, representing various individuals and equestrian clubsplace a demand for summons before the Paris Supreme Court for the following reasons :


      absence of effective control of the FFE

no calling of an AGM to approve the accounts

use of the expression “Fédération Française d’Equitation”

use of the federations means by the ex-President Serge Lecomte, in particular the GHN (?) and the FFE Club

Current CNIL file concerning the problem of correspondence votes

Organisation of the Generali Open de France and the French Championships, this organisation being entrusted to Mr Lecomte by Maître Legrand with prior  divided discussion  by the specialised Equitation Commission of the CNOSF.

(Decision before March 15th, 2006)

The two cases show strange similarities with Maître Legrand’s management of the GLNF Association these past ten months, ten months when she has been very well paid (see La Lumière by François Koch). Before Maître Legrand finishes her mandate or has it taken from her we hope she will justify her apparent lack of activity, her management methods, why she has allowed François Stifani to continue as though he is still president of the GLNF Association and come clean on her remuneration.


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John Sage 12/07/2011 22:16

Has anyone got a photograph of Miss Monique? It would come in handy if I'm driving in Paris. I drive an auto gearbox and would like to make sure I hit the correct pedal of I see her on the road.
She obviously lives a "charmed" life. I'm at Grand Lodge in London on 19 Dec. It will be interesting to see if there is any reaction to the ravings of the Dictator Stifani. Perhaps he should have a
small trimmed moustache! LOL.

Winnie 12/07/2011 23:55

Be careful what you say about small trimmed moustaches. We've already been accused of giving nazi salutes and Big Moustache had 6 Myosotis moderators in
court today asking each to pay him 30 000 €. That makes 180 000 €. And the guy who's casting for "The Great Dictator" in Chaplin's remake is also asking for 30 000 € from each of

Concerning a photo of Miss Monique I'll try. Probably easier to get a copy of when they X-rayed her shoulder after she dislocated it carrying 166 000 € to
the bank !