Miss Monique takes a hammering in court

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The week hasn’t started well for Miss Monique. The GLNF Brethren have not responded well to her summons to the AGM on February 4th. And today things weren’t all cupcakes and roses for her in the Paris Court of Appeal.


The affair in no way concerns Miss Monique’s function as GLNF administrator but the result will be closely watched by the Brethren. The affair is just another of an extremely long litany of unfortunate files Miss Monique has handled in her career. It concerns an association, COSEM, with 634 salaried employees, many of them doctors and dentists. The association runs 3 specialist health centres in Paris.


The subject of the appeal is the amount of Miss Monique’s honoraria (sound familiar ?). She was paid the princely sum of 1 128 677.95 euros for a job that took 14 months. The plaintiffs claim the figure should have been only 83 000 euros, a difference of just over a million euros and less than 7% of the original. The public prosecutor had a say, announcing his estimation at something between 143 000 euros and 158 000 euros, still far short of Miss Monique’s total, in fact, not even 14% of the big figure.

The lawyer representing COSEM claims that the Judge Patrice KURZ (him again !) who fixed her honoraria had not verified the reality of her task. The lawyer suggested Miss Monique says she did work that was not done. And he said her hourly rate could not exceed 180 euros which means she worked 6270 hours on the file. Simple arithmetic brings that to 156 weeks, 3 whole years without a single holiday, at 40 hours a week for a file completed in 14 months. Miss Monique, I think you should buy a new calculator before sending your next bill !


For once it was not Maître Stéphane Dumaine-Martin defending Miss Monique. She had already given him work on the COSEM file so he was unable to defend her today. Her defence was that the honoraria were based upon the COSEM turnover, the large sums paid to suppliers and the complexity of the file. No comment was made on her hourly rate.


It is in the public prosecutor's presentation that Miss Monique is hoist by her own petard. In her final report Miss Monique stated she worked 234 hours on the file and her collaborator 307. We are a long way short of 6270 hours at 180 euros maximum per hour.


Decision on February 13th. LML in English will inform you of the result.


A final wondering …It troubles me that Miss Monique is so frequently appointed by Judge Patrice Kurz who cannot be unaware of her tendency to slip on banana skins, and that so frequently Maître Stéphane Dumaine-Martin is also in the picture !!!



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