Mobilisation for the end of a period….

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Mobilisation for a new era !!!


Rejoice, my Brothers, the Court of Appeal has just confirmed the immediate execution its judgement of December 7th, which imposed the holding without delay of a General Assembly of the GLNF, whose agenda must include not only a study of the past accounts and the budget for 2010 – 2011, but also the revoking of the Grand Master, president of the GLNF association, Mr François Stifani.


We will speak about this GA at another time and also about the extreme caution to be maintained before manoeuvres the self-proclaimed guide and his lawyers will attempt in order to delay the inevitable.


But no matter what probable rearguard manoeuvres they attempt, the wheel has turned. It is an historic moment; we are about to put an end to the inacceptable practices and unworthy behaviour that we have been denouncing these past months.


FMR & Myosotis, each with its own particular sensibilities, have worked unceasingly right throughout this seemingly endless period to keep you informed, to allow you to express your opinions via your articles and commentaries, to organise or promote meetings of exchange right throughout the country, to aid the maturing of our mutual reflexion concerning what we want and what we don’t want.


At the end of this long period of gestation, and in mind of the juridical advances, we believe the time has come to begin a new stage.


We have synthesised all the reflexions. So, upon bases of innovation compared to the current situation, we are in a position to propose a new system of organisation to all of you:


-          that gives the executive power to the Lodges and the spiritual power to the Rites


-          that regulates the interface between the 2 powers in total respect of the fundamental and traditional Masonic values.


That is why we invite you

to keep your diary free at the beginning of the month of February



to which all current Worshipful Masters, all first wardens and all past worshipful Masters are invited to participate, as well as all the representatives of the Rites and Jurisdictions.


A page is turning. The time of reconstruction has arrived.


Only the adoption of a joint, shared programme will enable us to open the doors to a common future, based upon the rules that we will establish together.


No matter who is in charge tomorrow, no matter what diverse candidatures that will naturally emerge…. We wish to submit a project to you, the mature fruit of this lengthy combat and our wish is that you will be the final furnace of Arcana (athanor).


On the one hand it aims to put aside any new Golem of the like that we have had to endure, and, on the other, to establish the conditions to put in place the profound reform necessary for the re-establishment of our spiritual work.


For thirteen months, with you, FMR and Myosotis have held high the banner of revolt.


Today, for this historic moment, it is with you that we want to raise the flag of reconstruction at the base of the sacred mountain that we will climb together, for the first rays of the dawn are pushing the darkness aside !!!

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Jean 01/06/2011 14:08

The future meeting in Paris will certainly be a very strong battle for all the delegates of Lodges. I hope they will have the best conditions to vote with a strong checking at the door. I am
confident in FMR action to do so.We need it because opening of new Lodges and reopening of some others is a good indication concerning the way Mister FS intends to take.

Petit maçon 01/05/2011 22:23

Stifani has been preparing new ways of cheating for the coming General Assembly. He is now creating new lodges, or reopening empty lodges where his accomplices are allocated the two voting
positions, for the coming new General assembly. This is in addition to the previous cheating.

Arturusrex 01/05/2011 19:17

The news of today's battle that went against Stifani is good.
BUT..... brethren in GLNF lodges must be very attentive to what happens now. Lodges, obviously, will have to send delegates to vote, possible early in February. We can expect total obstruction on
who is or is not a lodge delegate. Have YOU, Brother, been issued a stamp of good standing?????? Will you be allowed in by the bumpers?
Stifani is now rapidly reponing (opening up again) lodges that were closed. He will appoint their delegates to vote at the AGM.
He will do all he can to stuff the meeting room with his cronies and keep out regular brethren.
And I hope to see you all there, at the AGM!!!