Monique brings in the "top guns" !!!

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Monique brings in the « top guns »


It would appear that Maître Legrand is not satisfied with the report produced by chartered accountant (expert-comptable) Nadine Galataud. That is not to say that the figures are incorrect? Rather, as LML in English pointed out in a previous article, that her report was limited to a verification of the accounts (as requested by our self-proclaimed spiritual guide) which meant that she proved to us that 2 + 2 = 4 !!!


This time it’s far more serious. Several Myosotis moderators received calls yesterday from GLNF members announcing that the Pisan bunker had been occupied by the “police” !!! No, not the police, but a team from a firm specialised in auditing the accounts of large firms and complex financial structures. They have been named by the court at the express request of Maître Legrand.


Their job is to undertake a genuine audit, not just verifying that the total of all the numbers in the column corresponds with the figure at the bottom. They are justifying each and every operation, ensuring that it is in line with the statutes of the organisation concerned. This is serious business.


Other than the general GLNF accounts they are looking at Hôpital Assistance International, the Fondation Pour l’Homme (which “homme” ???) and Scribe, that huge bookshop which, for reasons best known to its management, also manages a carpark, a restaurant and would appear to pick up the occasional lunch tab !!! Strange practices for a bookseller !!! All references to “cooking the books” will be disallowed !!!


Other targets among the famous “27” GLNF satellite structures have been identified and are waiting their turn.


LML in English feels there are some worried looks on some faces on the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker.

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Ymlaen 04/07/2011 12:58

The pack of cards is starting to wobble. When one goes they will all follow suit and we will get back our GNLF.

Winnie 04/07/2011 17:00

My Brother Ymlaen,


Pack of cards, dominoes, whatever .... Choose your image. Wagram is up for sale (nice kitchen !!!), rumours say Scribe is also up for grabs. 8 PGMs have just
signed a joint declaration stating they no longer recognise the Stifanatic. Monique has taken over the Presidency of the GLNF Board of Discipline. Anyone for lifeboats ???