Monique's mail !!!

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Monique’s mail !!!


In an article « Is Monique collecting her mail ???” posted on this blog on March 15th I raised doubts on Maître Legrand’s response to mail received from the Brethren, even registered mail with delivery confirmation. I’m still waiting for the delivery confirmation of the registered letter I sent on March 7th. I have had correspondence from the President of the National council of Administrators stating he’d take up the question with Maître Legrand.


Today I received a second letter from Maître Vincent Gladel, President of the National Council of Administrators. It would appear he is more diligent in attending to his correspondence than Miss Monique !!!


Dear Sir,


With reference to the reclamation that you have made concerning Maître Legrand, she has provided me with a copy of her report addressed to President Kurz (the judge who appointed her on January 24th ) on her activities.


In it she writes of the progress she has made since taking up the position.


Yours sincerely,


Vincent Gladel


Here at LML in English we are delighted to read that our ad hoc administrator is providing the Paris Supreme Court with a report on her “progress”, with a copy sent to the president of her professional body. Nonetheless we are more than a little puzzled at the word “progress”. Because we, the members of the GLNF, the association which is paying her, we are still to see the slightest glimmer of “progress”.


And since Maître Legrand is capable of reporting to the court why can’t she do the same to us. After all, with the click of a button she can send us all an e-mail with the report as an attached document, just like she did demanding (illegally and outside the bounds of her mission) that we make an “exceptional contribution” before March 31st with the threat of being stuck off for those who don’t comply. Maître Legrand will be waiting for a very long time before she receives a contribution, exceptional or otherwise, from me !!! And threats of being struck off don’t frighten me. I’ve read the rules of the game             and before the slightest move can be made in that direction I have to fail to pay for 2 whole years. Time is on my side !!!


Maître Legrand, instead of making threats you cannot carry out, spend a little time collecting your registered mail, send us all a copy of your “progress” report and organise us an Annual General Assembly. It’s only a year ago tomorrow since we the members of the GLNF placed our self-proclaimed spiritual guide in a minority position !!!

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