More background to the founding of a Grand Lodge of Monaco

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Article published originally by César of Bar de la Marine, on Provence Côte d’Azur (PACA) blog, November 10, 2010.



Brèves-Pravda 53* most proudly informs us that the GLNF will be participating at the Consecration of the Regular National Grand Lodge of Monaco (RNGLM).

*(translator’s note for the benefit of English readers: the GLNF churn out a propagandist news bulletin called Brèves, but renamed by us Brèves-Pravda).

We have already mentioned an article which appeared in L’Express last Spring of the cock up our leader (“Stifani of Monaco”?) made when he tried to sire a Grand Lodge of Monaco, with Prince Albert II as his obedient servant.

His then approach was “without me, no Grand Lodge for Monaco” . The priceless Diji, PGM for the Alps, Corsica and Mediterranean Province, actually went round repeating these words of wisdom in public. But all Stifani received in return was a slap in the face for him, shown the way out by Prince Albert, who then lodged a complaint about it with the French Foreign department in Paris (Quai d’Orsay)

Since when, the GLNF and its GM in particular, have been personæ non gratæ on the Rock.

On 19th February 2011 the RNGLM will be consecrated. But in spite or because of Mr Stifani’s bragging, the Consecration will not be Presided by the GLNF and its “guide”. Monaco has preferred to ask a respectable Grand Lodge to do the job, the United Grand Lodge of England.

The GLNF might have thought it would be in the runners up, (perhaps number two ?) as three Grand Lodges are required for such a consecration. But there again, there is no mention of the GLNF (one wonders why….) Monaco has requested that the United Grand Lodges of Germany fill the role.

And  then for third place; well, a final humiliation for Mr Stifani, the Serene Stifani Himself, known all over the Masonic world and Monaco’s closest neighbour, it won’t be for him! It looks like being a Grand Lodge from the north American continent, the  Canadian Grand Lodge or the American Grand Lodge.

What? our self-proclaimed guide who wanted to make the Rock one of his fiefdoms won’t even be in the photo? No cameras to film him?

Such perspectives can absolutely not be countenanced by his Egoship.(It also so happens that he finds it harder and harder to get other GMs to come to his invitations or sit with him in the photo).

So, off he sends his men to negotiate with the Rock. It is made known that he will keep a low profile and, magnanimous to the end, will hand over to the new RNGLM the three lodges he created in view of his future fiefdom: La Porte Neuve“NewGate”, La Sainte Grâce, “Holy Grace” and Jean Monoïkos. In view of this, Monaco accepts. The good man shall remain discreet, but will be allowed in the photos. (most essential for Brèves-Pravda and for his own Egoship, somewhat hard done-by at present.))

First Remark

What will become of the Brethren he coerced into founding the three lodges and that never came really to life, now that he just gets rid of them?

Second Remark

It would seemingly have been put (who by?) to the Monaco leaders that they could “perhaps avoid letting in all the drop outs from the GLNF”. A man will not change. It is true that many potential candidates are there. If they drop out, their departure could mean a serious financial loss for FS and his protegee’s Province (Diji) Who’ll bet he doesn’t take out a court case against the Grimaldis for “unfair competition”?


César du Bar de la Marine…

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