More news from America : Tahiti 1 – Stifani 0 !!!

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You have already read the account of Ephesse’s disastrous trip to America, the suspension of relations by the Grand Lodge of Washington, D.C. the return to France by the GLNF delegation, blue aprons between their legs and the recommendation by the Recognition Commission of the North American Grand Masters’ Conference that all Grand Lodges suspend relations with the GLNF Grand Lodge. Very bad trip for Ephesse & Big Moustache !


But it gets worse. Philippe Slowinski, in charge of communication for the new Grand Lodge of Tahiti and the Archipelagos, reports to the Brethren that the same Commission heard the submission for recognition put by their Grand Master, MWB Philippe GESTAS and the Deputy GM, MWB Teiva GODEFROY. Their submission was accepted unanimously by the delegates of all the GLs of North America (USA, Canada & Mexico).


The next stage will be for each American Grand Lodge to make its own decision to recognise the newest Grand Lodge of the world. At the same time each American Grand Lodge will now have to decide upon its future relations with the GLNF. And I’m under no illusion as to the outcome of that one. The Tahitian star is shining high up in a clear Pacific sky. As for the GLNF it is hidden behind some very dark clouds and is falling like a stone. In fact, it’s about to disappear below the horizon.


The open welcome expressed by the North American masonic community, certainly only a first stop, augurs well for its future and puts paid to rumours peddled by you know who that the Grand Lodge of Tahiti and the Archipelagos was irregular and would never gain international recognition.

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Marcel Bouvier 03/14/2012 12:33

Mes Frères,
Just been back from the Grand Lodge Communication
United Grand Lodge Of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory
Has Suspended Recognition to the Grande Loge Nationale Française.
See attached the Communication


Tamino 03/14/2012 15:43

Article posted, thank you Marcel.