More than 8000 Brethren in the GL-AMF

Published on by Allan Sanders

At the consecration of the GM-AMF on April 28th the Grand Treasurer presented the budget for 2012 plus figures for 2013. Prudently he based his calculations on a membership figure of 8000 at the end of 2012 and 13000 twelve months later. As he spoke just over two months ago there were no existing membership figures whatsoever, just a pile of envelopes on the dining room table at the Grand Secretary’s home.

As I write this article the figure projected for December 2012 has been passed, almost 6 months in advance. There are 431 Lodges from all over France including the Carribean and the Indian Ocean departments and territories, and even a Lodge on Mauritius (Phoenix), where Ephesse and Big Moustache banned the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in an attempt to make the Brethren buckle under. And in those 431 Lodges there are exactly 8058 Brethren (enrolment details verified, dues received and registered on the computer).

The Grand Secretary’s dining room table receives a new pile of envelopes every day, varying from 100 to 150. The pace is likely to diminish over July and August. But the strong, positive reaction to François Stifani’s non-ratification at the June 23rd AGM could mean that the current tempo could be maintained.

The GL-AMF has not embarked upon a GLNF style recruitment campaign but it is important to announce that the figures necessary to balance the budget have been achieved with a margin of 6 months.

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John Sage 07/03/2012 20:27

This is fantastic news that cannot be ignored. Members of the new GL should be very proud of this achievement. I wish that I could join. Many of my friends would also join in an instant but we are
members of UGLE, GLS, GLE etc. You have my full support and I promise I will do all in my power to promote this new GL.

Allan Sanders 07/03/2012 22:52

We within the GL-AMF appreciate your frustration and trust that the UGLE, GLI and GLS will make the bold move by withdrawing recognition of the GLNF and take
the first steps towards Recognition of Regular and Traditional Freemasonry in France. Please pass the message to Great Queen Street.

Philippe Christian 07/03/2012 19:52

It's wonderful,
the brotherhood returns.
Brethren, please, help us to etablish a temple far from the short-lived ambitions

Flanders province voice 07/03/2012 18:19

congratulationS to BB of this new GL

let's hope she will beheave herself better than GLNF
and so coud get soon the unction of UGLE and other european GL

take care