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We are happy to greet the new Blog  Myosotis Hors de France.

Readers of LML in English are invited to inform any French brethren living in your countries of the creation of this new French language blog.

Here is an extract in English of one of its first articles,  by  Bro Laurent de Verneuil and others,  posted yesterday.

The dimming Light. (or GLNF under bazooka fire)


The windows of the cathedral are dirty and the light greatly diminished. One of these days we will be able to see nothing. If warnings from the Rites and Orders are not enough, nor even those from the three neighbouring French speaking jurisdictions of Belgium, Luxemburg and Switzerland (not to evoke the heavy but not indifferent  silence from the others,)completed by the letter from the UGLE and now, the openly expressed criticism of the GLNF at a press conference given by nine other Masonic bodies of France this week, the occupants of the 3rd floor of the ivory tower of Pisan have to be blind. And if they cannot see, we can always talk on to them about Light, they remain deaf too! We are increasingly convinced that they will shall have to go and eject them if we want the GLNF to survive. The February 5th gathering will be the first step……

…… We would like to draw your attention to the way others see us. It well reflects  the amplitude of our disaster.

Opinions expressed by the Grand Masters of the nine French jurisdictions (representing about 120 000 members)  at yesterday’s press conference: (these are reflections taken from an article in Lumière Blog, by François Koch):


Alain-Noël Dubart, GM, GLF :  “The GLNF reduces Freemasonry to questions  of politics, relations with political parties, and business and money matters. That is not our conception of Freemasonry. 

Bruno Plancade, GM, GLMF : “a Freemason is outgoing towards others” and  ”if the  bankers among the masons get together, something is wrong”. ………



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Big Ben 01/22/2011 19:37

Social sight upon the events at GLNF

It's really interesting to observe with an entomologist eye how Grand Officers, National or Provincial, give advices about situation:

- the ones who create trouble want to take the place of Francois Stifani, they are jealous people, bad BB.

- events, which events, nothing happened.

- I'm disciplined, legitimist so I am for Stifani regularly elected.

I must say they are few, but this is interesting anyway.
As everywhere in the world...

Big Ben 01/22/2011 19:28

Statuts are statuts

Working of GLNF is determined by Statuts in the frame of Associations Loi 1901. To make short it's societies who don't run for profits but for an other end: schools, sports,and Freemasonry

The Assemblee Generale vote for representatives who vote for the board and the board vote to elect a President who is called too in the Statuts Grand Master.

F Stifani interprets and say GM is not elected by Assemblée Genérale but by a Souverain Grand Comité.

He claims, if I am not elected as President, I shall stay anyway whatever happens, my power comes from another way.

It's not stupid at all, but statuts are clear, if he is not elected President he will loose his quality of Grand Master of GLNF.

Let's be positive, today's events at GLNF allow to put in the light dark practises running for about ten years. Francois Stifani has shown to everyone what was hidden.

Thank you François, but please leave now.

Big Ben 01/22/2011 09:33

New unexpected event

The Conseil d'Administration has resigned. No pilot in the plane GLNF.

It's nevertheless skillful from F. Stifani GM of GLNF.

Courts have refused nomination of an administrator to manage GLNF election for Conseil d'Administration

As there is nobody in the plane, we are now again and ever started in proceedings for months, and election is delayed one more.

F. Stifani is grasped with both hands to the arm of his chair, and doesn't care there is no more walls around his office.

He prefers destroy GLNF instead of leaving the place.

What a masonic example....