New lodges in France ?

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For English speaking brethren intending to be founders of new lodges in France


Various petitions for new English speaking lodges to be founded in France are underway.

It is obvious that you cannot send in these petitions at the moment to the GLNF. Be patient.

The essential advice is to persevere rehearsing your rituals in private until we know what jurisdiction will receive your petition for a new lodge when the situation has sorted itself out.

When such time arrives, our petitions will probably be welcome for a newly constituted or re-constituted jurisdiction!

Through this blog, you can remain in touch with all such developments .Contact us.

English speaking lodges have always played an important part in the development of regular masonry in France. Our role, in that respect, is not over. But to prove our respect and love of the French Masonic scene, deeper integration into the French scenery can be envisaged by the adopting of a “continental” rite in English (A&ASR – REA&A; French or Moderns Rite- Rite Français ou Moderne; for the Rectified Rite, I don’t know if English versions exist in the Craft. For the first two, all degrees and lodges practising them in English exist)


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Winnie 12/16/2010 15:10

Dearest Brethren be you here in France or elsewhere and, therefore, beyond the reach of the Stifanaticus,

Your messages of encouragement will only make us even more determined to continue the struggle to rid the GLNF of the tyrant on the 3rd floor and his band of fawnicators.

Soon we will be able to work again in peace and harmony.

Jean 12/16/2010 13:32

It is really encouraging to read what is the appreciation of our situation in France by brothers on the other part of the Channel.We hope with the help of everyone this bad story will be just a bad
memory very soon and Regular Freemasonry will go on stronger.

Camalot 12/16/2010 13:16

Congratulations to John Sage, true there is a wide majority of BB in France able to put back the train on its railway, after kicking away Stifani, his personal BB bodyguards corrupted as him, and
Provincial GM not yet ejected.

John Sage 12/16/2010 10:15

I am not affraid of Sifanni and his cohorts. I am a member of 2 Craft Lodges and 1 Chapter. I am a Founder of one of the Lodges, Secretary of the other and Scribe E of the Chapter. I am very proud
of being a member of a French Lodge but very ashamed of the Dictatorship in Paris. I live in the UK and many are all feeling the degredation of Freemasonry by this idiot. Freemasonry does not need
an internal fight to bring it into disrepute, there are enough people outside of the Craft that would see it brought down. Stifanni is doing his best to help them and make Freemasonry a laughing
stock! In any other country he would have been arrested and in prison by now. As long as we all stay together and support the gunuine principles and morals of the Craft we will survive. I have
great hope for the future and I know there are many that feel the same as me both in the UK and France. Freemasonry has been around for hundreds of years. It will take more than Stifanni and his
cohorts to put me off! Keep the faith Brethren, we will survive and be better for it.

Camalot 12/16/2010 08:01

Sorry we use pseudonyms to sign our messages, it's because our GM, excludes in a minute the ones who don't think as him, as in banana republics.