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Published on by Allan Sanders

With the GLNF association AGM only a week away and the definitive withdrawal of recognition by 6 major European Grand Lodges over the past few days many Brethren here in France were hoping for some sort of sign from London following the quarterly meeting of the Board of General Purposes on Wednesday.

What happened ? Nothing ! Below is the text of an e-mail I received from an English Brother who was in Great Queen Street for the meeting :

UGLE did not mention France in any way.

What is interesting is that both Scotland and Ireland have devolved any decision regarding recognition to their respective Grand Masters. He, and he alone, can call a halt to recognition without the need to consult with any committee, Council or Brother.

The next important date in Great Britain is the annual tripartite meeting in early July. At last year’s meeting the joint decision was made to suspend relations with the GLNF. With the continued deterioration within the Obedience over the past 12 months and the creation of the GL-AMF is there a possibility that England, Ireland and Scotland will move for definitive withdrawal of Recognition ?

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George Philpott 06/17/2012 21:42

Well as you will know, the wheels turn slowly here in UK, and UGLE will be ultra cautious in deciding definitively what to do...
Perhaps something will come out once UGLE, and Grand Lodges of Scotland and Ireland have had a chat andmutually agreed the way forward.

Allan Sanders 06/18/2012 09:43

Watch this space in early July.