News titbits from Lodges throughout France

Published on by Arturusrex

Installation time over here has led the Lodges to taking very firm positions against interference from Mr Stifani's cronies. Various spuriously appointed PGMs or DPGMs have tried to interfere with Installation ceremonies and been given very short shrift. One, in Paris, who tried to force his way through a closed door, nearly got his nose broken. Another, also in Paris, has been summonsed to attend a criminal hearing for slander and libel, on a complaint from a lodge he was threatening. The Administrator, as administrative head of the civil arm of the GLNF, has had to attend a police interview to give evidence, also on a complaint from Brethren concerning allegations of possible embezzlement and financial misappropriation by the governors of members' properties and monies.

The wind has changed. Grand and Provincial Grand Officers are now very thin on the ground. The Lodges are swinging back into work with a certain long forgotten gusto!

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