No carnival in Rio for Ephesse !!!

Published on by Winnie

The gangrene is spreading. Even if you think a Youtube video of François Stifani dancing the samba could be a hit, forget it ! He won't be going to Rio for carnival this year. The Grand Orient of Brazil has joined the already long list of Grand Lodges worldwide that have suspended relations with the GLNF.

LINKSuspension Recognition par Brésil Suspension Recognition par Brésil

The Grand Orient of Brazil is the most important Regular Grand Lodge of South America with a membership exceeding 80000. It is the organiser of the next Inter-American Masonic Conference (IMC) to be held in Brasilia from April 11th to 14th. LML in English has heard that François Stifani intends attending it with an important delegation. Let's see how he fares over the next few days in Atlanta before making comments on the Brasilia destination. But one question arises immediately : will Miss Monique sign off the expenditure for the air tickets and hotel bills ?

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