Nothing's happening yet north of Hadrian's wall !!!

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Nothing’s happening north of Hadrian's Wall !!!


The Auld Alliance is in heavy waters. Will it now sink?

From the Fingal's Cave in the Hebrides to the river Seine, it is not exactly going to be a Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage, if the Scottish sergeant majors (like their English counterparts) carry on pre-empting their Grand Lodge's decisions. Poor old brother Mendelssohn might have had to re-write his music!
What is clear, today, Sunday June  12th, according to a brother in Edimburgh, is that the GL of S has made no decision:
Our Brother Yunus, whose Scottish Lodge WM forced him into resigning, was unfortunately the victim of an over-zealous WM who has pre-empted his Grand Lodge's decision.

 From a Brother living in England in permanent contact with a highly placed Scottish Brother :

the reply from Scotland (minus names)

 I have just spoken to our friend XXX, he was at Grand Lodge last week in Edinburgh.

 The GM announced the major problems going on at the moment but GL was not going to make a decision until The GM had met with The Representatives of UGLE and GLoI which was due to happen shortly. He asked and got permission to make an appropriate decision as a result of this meeting so basically;

 Nothing has happened yet.

 The GM will announce what action GLoS will take after the meeting of the 3 Home Grand Lodges

 I hope this helps



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Chicon au gratin 06/13/2011 16:02

You're right Winnie, but Sovereign Great Comitee is an Hydra manipulated by today GM.

My opinion is that after elections, and before the designation of a providential GM, the Conseil d'Administration should change the rules of nomination members of this intermediate authority.

He can do that according the statuts of GLNF,if he will.

If not, in more or less five years we will have another Stifani at the helm of the ship.

Winnie 06/13/2011 21:22

I'm not a lawyer and reading the GLNF Statutes and By-Laws is an excellent sleeping pill. From what I have read of the analyses of more competent Brethren
nothing of the Statutes and / or By-Laws can be changed until after the new Grand Master is designated by the SGC, ratified by the AG of the GLNF Association and installed. That is why it is so
important that the new GM undertake to do only one mandate of three years.

Chicon au gratin 06/13/2011 08:58

We enjoy haggish with gravery and whisky sat among our Scotish BB on the north side of Hadrian Wall or anywhere else.

We in France,are "on live" with François Stifani bad ways, it's not the case in Scotland, where they arrive later and not easy to understand at once. The same in all foreign countries except the
french speaking ones.

More, at each decision of GLNF GM there is a back side, not obvious for us and a foreigner to decrypt.

Example: he nominates many new members of his friends at SGC,which designate next candidate to be GM at approval of Conseil d'Administration. Good no problem, except that this will create a
majority for his new candidature. Is he authorized to do that, don't care at all, there will be a lawsuit at Court and things will be done waiting the result of this cae

So decisions need time to be taken and anyway GLoS is not obliged to have an advice.

Winnie 06/13/2011 10:39

Even if François Stifani succeeds in having his "dauphin" designated as his successor by the SGC, the AG still has to ratify it and, in the current climate,
that is far from being a certainty.