Now is the hour, for us to say goodbye…..

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As the G.M. of the G.NL.F. slides inexorably towards the edge of the precipice and his lemmings watch and wait to follow, as a Forget-Me-Not Brother in France I have to wonder if the UGLE's stance to date is in keeping with its international role.

While I can easily understand and respect the fact that London would not wish to be seen to be interfering in a sovereign jurisdiction's internal affairs, when the persistent behaviour of a G.M. brings FreemasonryFreemasonry in general into sr disrepute and makes us all a laughing stock, surely it is time to say goodbye.

So far, the only reaction from London has been a short missive calling on our G.M. to explain the background behind the alleged "forged" letter to the President of the Republic. The terms of the letter afford the G.M. the possibility of replying adequately to the request for information with just two sentences – "It's a forgery" and "I'm taking legal action". Matter closed.

 It will be quite some time before the French courts hand down a ruling and if the UGLE thinks that its letter was a warning shot across the bows, they obviously underestimate their target.

When over 20,000 Brothers not only want rid of the man but also wish to restore Masonic values, the UGLE has a legitimate role to play and that is why we look to it to intervene… If it wants to, that is.

Perhaps the powers-that-be in Great Queen's Street are holding their breath and thinking "There but for the grace of God go I"?

We will be meeting in Paris on 5th February to re-found the GNLF.

Will the UGLE be there with us or will they still wait and see?

Now is the hour my Brethren, now is the hour…..

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Chicon au gratin 01/25/2011 21:18

sorry for my english, I should havre written:
" One must don't deal with people who want your own loss "
Winston Chrchill
hope it's correct now, not sure...

Marchmuchmulcher 01/25/2011 19:54

Winston Churchill's French was actually quite good, so I wonder what he really said. But for sure, the judgment of the UGLE has always been both respected and feared by continental Gransd Lodges or
Orients for whom recognition by the UGLE and its associated Grand Lodges was, has been, and might stil be be considered necessary. Things are changing fast. It is clear that whatever happens in
France now (with a future new whatever it might be called Grand Lodge totally disconnected from the present GLNF) the weight of the UGLE and the importance of its decisions will be less respected
if not negligeable. The UGLE has shown itself to be cynically opportunistic and its "diplomacy" appears to be purely mundane. The UGLE no longer represents what masons expect of masonry apart from
the businees and diplomatic spheres. It will no longer be respected or feared.

Chicon au gratin 01/25/2011 17:00

Winston Churchill said once: " One must dont' deal with people who want your on loose"

UGLE should remind

Winnie 01/25/2011 10:52

John, Go to the LML in English article, "The UGLE wrote to Stifani on December 9th 2010" that was posted on January 11th. There's a link that gives you access to a copy of the original letter.

John Sage 01/25/2011 10:25

Why do we (GLNF) have to seek assurance from UGLE or any other Grand Lodge? GLNF should be a Sovereign entity, in charge of its own affairs. GLNF members know the workings of the French systems
better than anyone. We should make use of this knowledge in the move to get rid of Stifani and his cronies. If UGLE don't wish to get invoved it does not necessarily mean they approve (or disprove)
of Stifani. I would like to see the actual letter that UGLE are supposed to have sent. Lets keep up the pressure we have generated ourselves and get rid of this criminal! By the way, I am also a
member of UGLE, GLS (Scotland) and GLE (Spain). They all do things differently and to my knowledge have not joined in the fight.