Now it’s Estonia’s turn !!!

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In a letter dated yesterday, September 27th the Grand Lodge of Estonia informed the GLNF that is was temporarily suspending recognition. Yet another light goes out in the northern

Thank you, ephesse, for this further step in isolating us from the rest of the world.

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English Brother 10/05/2011 20:11

Indeed I think Walt's comment is slightly mis-conceived.

Regularity is a function of the constitution and behaviour of a masonic jurisdiction, which is neither caused nor prevented by external parties, and is (at least in theory) determined by objective
criteria (although in practice, there is some room for disagreement about some of the criteria). All an external party can do is to recognise that a jurisdiction is regular (or is not).

A suspension of masonic relations is likely when the regularity of a jurisdiction is questionable, but can also occur for other reasons. UGLE and most of the other jurisdictions which have
suspended relations with GLNF have not announced a specific opinion on the regularity (or otherwise) of GLNF. This is presumably a deliberate suspension of judgment for the time being, in order to
retain flexibility either to restore normal relations or withdraw recognition entirely, depending upon developments over the coming months.

Winnie 10/06/2011 09:55

I couldn't agree more. A Brother, a Lodge or a Grand Lodge is Regular by it's masonic behaviour, labouring under and respecting the Landmarks (or equivalents
such as the Rule in 12 points in France). That behaviour is viewed and considered externally by other Grand Lodges and recognition is granted or not. Things are complicated somewhat by the
requirement that only one grand Lodge may be recognised in a single country. Which leads us to the ubuesque situation in France today where the GLNF, which has become irregular by the autocratic
antics of he who wears the biggest blue apron, yet remains recognised by a considerable number of GLs throughout the world (for mainly historical reasons). Others, including the most important
GLs (UGLE, etc) have suspended relations or recognition. And at the same time there is the Grande Loge de France (GLF), totally Regular, but which cannot be recognised by international
Traditional Freemasonry because that is the private domain of the crumbling GLNF.

Walt 10/03/2011 10:10

Did the Grand Lodge of Estonia inform the GLNF that it was suspending regularity or masonic relations? There is a significant difference. To note that the UGLE have suspended masonic relations.

Winnie 10/03/2011 16:09

There is no question of "regularity". By the irregular behaviour of the former Grand Master (non respect of the rule in 12 Points, Landmarks) the GLNF has
ceased to be regular for at least 22 months. The exact wording of the letter from the Grand Lodge of Estonia is "...the recognition of the Grand Loge Nationale Française is temporarily
suspended." In diplomatic language that is the penultimate stage in the withdrawal of recognition, the final stage being definitive withdrawal of recognition, which will no doubt occur in the
very near future unless there is a dramatic improvement within the GLNF, regrettably an unlikely event.

Bernard DUMIGRON 09/28/2011 15:37

Black is Black, I want my pure baby GLNF back.
Bernard DUMIGRON miasme 16397

Winnie 09/28/2011 17:49

Get rid of ephesse and his band of fawnicators and the GLNF will become "plus blanc que blanc" as Coluche said so well.