Now we know where the UGLE stands !!!

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Now we know where the UGLE stands !!!


Subject: Lodges and Chapters under GLNF - English Masons not to visit


Message from the Metropolitan Grand Secretary and Scribe E 

To: All London Secretaries and Scribes E

Cc: The MetGL & MetGC Executive, Metropolitan Grand Inspectors, Senior Visiting Officers, Visiting Officers

Here is the text of the announcement by the President of the Board of General Purposes made at Quarterly Communications on 8th June 2011.


"MW Pro Grand Master and Brethren, the Board has been monitoring with grave concern the present turbulence within the Grande Loge Nationale Française, including the appointment of an Administrative Receiver over its legal entity.

It is not for this Grand Lodge to interfere in the affairs of another Grand Lodge with which it is in amity, particularly one where we have enjoyed such a very long and friendly association. We cannot, however, overlook the significant adverse effect which what is happening in France may have on the reputation of Freemasonry generally.


Whatever may be the reasons for the discord it is obvious that there are opposing factions who are deliberately adding to it. The current Grand Master has now written to the Pro Grand Master advising that he will be giving up his Mandate on the 27th of this month. We hope that the election that follows will end the discontent, and that harmony will be restored.


The Board will continue to monitor the situation closely and if it continues to deteriorate it will not hesitate to recommend at a future Quarterly Communication of Grand Lodge that steps are taken which will adversely affect recognition of the Grande Loge Nationale Française.


In the meantime, while not restricting visitation from our French Brethren to our own Lodges the Board considers that our Brethren must refrain from visiting Lodges in France in order not to get involved in the dispute."


Please ensure that the contents of this message are brought to the attention of your members by either forwarding it to them as email or sending it to them as hard copy in the post.


Yours sincerely and fraternally,


Stuart Henderson

Metropolitan Grand Secretary
Metropolitan Grand Scribe E

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