Only one big blue apron for eight hopefuls

Published on by Allan Sanders

Miss Monique has published the list of hopefuls for the top job in the ever-diminishing GLNF. Eight have thrown their hat into the ring. But that doesn’t mean that all of them will make it to the starting line. Miss Monique has announced that she will publish the final “legitimate” list on August 28th after she has determined their “regularity”I love her choice of word !!!.

When we recall how Alain Juillet and Christian Denys were “legitimately” excluded on the most dubious of criteria nothing will surprise us as to what Miss Monique’s mouthpiece will serve up on August 28th.

But just supposing all eight of them make it through the next nine days who are they ?

Fear not, there are no great surprises and there are certainly no knights in shining armour ready to and capable of reforming and resuscitating the stone dead GLNF. In alphabetical order :

Thibaut CAYLA, PGM of Paris-Pisan Province, in charge of the “Excellence” Lodges, yet another Stifani invention. A Stifani puppet not from the Riviera, meaning that he has geographical legitimacy but that’s all. And should he get the top job the strings will still be pulled by the Stifani Riviera mafia.

Sébastien DULAC, PGM of Paris Province. Never lost for a word is our Seb, particularly if it’s a nasty one. Editor of the unlamented “Acacia” blog, renowned for its gutter language. We are told he has put some distanced between Ephesse and himself, a wise decision, but far too late to have any effect upon the outcome. The SGC members know just how close they were and how much Seb collaborated with the Pisan tyrant.

Jacques GRILL, former member of a « Reintegration Commission », an Ephesse invention, devised to look into the sanctions brought upon those Brethren who opposed him. The lack of results (virtually no reintegrations) successfully consolidated Stifani’s manipulation of the SGC numbers. Yet another Stifani puppet. Be careful, he’s likely to get his strings tangled !

Daniel JACQUET, the Ephesse « dauphin » ? Former Super prefect for the south-eastern quarter of France, big buddy of ephesse, currently Deputy Grand Master; a recent appointment to fill the gap after Lapdog Cano was “resigned”. Organisor of numerous pro-Stifani meetings, notably the Gorillas Incorporated screening of Brethren at the December 4th,  2011 Grand Lodge fiasco. Traditionally the GM chooses his DGM as his successor. And there, Jacquet the Riviera Pirate has everything going for him. He’s in the right position (DGM) at the right moment (now), he comes from the Riviera (important, why change a longstanding tradition ?), he’ll do anything Ephesse asks him and more (he invented the multi-place voting booths for the October 16th, 2010 multi-location AGM) and he’s the ultimate Ephesse – Big Moustache mafia puppet. Unlike Grill, he won’t get his strings tangled, he’s more likely to use them to throttle you.

Christian MAHOUT, PGM of Lutèce Province, expert is using masonic terms and expressions such as “spirituality, brotherhood, harmony, etc” to put you to sleep. Renowned for applying the more iniquitous Ephesse decrees with a rarely matched vehemence. Absolutely no interest unless you think Genghis Khan was a wimp !

Jean MURAT, the eternal bridesmaid. He has a programme easy to understand, « I want the biggest blue apron, I’ve always wanted it and I’ll be a candidate until such time as you give it to me.” Will implement just enough reforms to calm the troops and not upset the Stifani-Big Moustache heavies. As a surgeon he knows how to use a scalpel but he won’t use it on the patient most in need, the GLNF. Should he overstep the mark, Balloo the Legal bear has enough legal argumentation up his sleeve to tie him in knots for years. Presents absolutely no danger to anyone other than the perennity of the GLNF.

Jean-Pierre SERVEL, inventor of the famous expression « the ultimate link between God and Man (meaning Ephesse, he did not define in which camp Stifani fell, God or Man !). Where you read Servel, read Big Moustache. Elect him and you’re in for another five years of Riviera mafia.

Serge TOFFALONI. Beware of Brethren whose name ends in “ni” !!! Very close to Ephesse for a very long (much too long) time. Jumped ship but always ready to step into the limelight. Expert in mellifluous phrases best translated as “Give it to me”. Pure unadulterated ambition.

Would you buy a second hand blue apron from any of them ? I certainly wouldn’t. Whichever way you look at it, it’s GLNF musical chairs again. 

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Comment on this post

Florida Mason 08/17/2012 05:45

My brother,
You appear to be very cynical indeed, but may be with reason. Could I suggest that as none of the other foreign Grand Lodges have indicated that they are willing recognize any other GL than the
GLNF, maybe it would be in the best interest of Regular Free Masonry in France, that the members GLNF collectively find a solution rather than taking shots at it. Just a suggestion from a British
MM initiated into the GLNF who has had to demit so to remain a member of the Grand Lodge of Florida.

Allan Sanders 08/17/2012 14:26

The GLNF is dead. At least a third of its members have left, most to join the GL-AMF, others to join other Obediences and unfortunately, a number who have
left masonry all together. Almost three years of intestine struggles , countless AGMs, meetings of the SGC, a court apointed administrator and I go on... Isn't that enough proof that there is no
internal solution. Yes I am justifiably cynical when I see the same old names putting themselves forward. They are impervious to the all too obvious need for a complete re-think with a completely
new administration. I've moved on, to the GL-AMF. I only keep writing articles on the GLNF situation because LML in English readers outside france want me to keep them informed of the latest
episodes in this pathetic farce.

And I can assure you there a a significant number of uimportant foreign Grand Lodges who are very interested in how the GL-AMF is progressing. There should
be soùme news on this front in September.