Paris Hilton and François Stifani !!!

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Paris Hilton & François Stifani !!!


No, not the blonde bimbo whose antics put her on the front page of those pathetic social scandal magazines!!!


I’m talking about the Hilton Hotel that can be found at 51 – 57 rue de Courcelles, near the Arc de Triomphe  in Paris. No doubt the blonde bimbo has been to the Paris Hilton (after all she’s family !!!), but she generally prefers a little more up market, something of the George V or Meurice ilk !!!


But it’s not too down market for our self-proclaimed spiritual guide. One of our Parisian Myosotis correspondents informs us that the Honorary Consul General for Djibouti in Marseilles (a long way from Paris !!!) occupies a suite there, rented on an annual basis and where he maintains an open table at least once a week. It is perhaps a better choice than the previously used Hotel Crillon which overlooks the square where Louis XVI was executed. He mistook a revolution for a riot !!! Apparently the Hilton makes the bodyguards’ job easier. But whoever heard of the Ex- Grand Master of a Grand Lodge needing bodyguards in France ??? We’re not in some revolution prone South American country. We’ll talk of South America a little later…


Back to the Hilton… Why an open table at the Hilton when the Pisan canteen is available ? Could it be that the recipient of unsolicited correspondence from the Elysée Palace (all those rejections of Légion d’Honneur applications) finds the house wine, Château du Paradis, a trifle bitter ? Why not Wagram ? It’s got a great kitchen and the bathrooms aren’t to be sneezed at either !!! And if Pisan or Wagram won’t do, there’s always the Jules Verne on the Eiffel Tower !!! We’re still waiting to hear how the 27000 € bill for lunch there ended up in the Scribe books !!!


So who’s paying for the Hilton ? You and me and the rest of the 43000 GLNF Brethren, that’s who. I have no idea how much it costs to rent a suite in that establishment, nor how much an open table costs, be it on a daily or an annual basis. But the whole idea sticks in my craw when I think of the time I was Almoner in a Lodge and had to pay the annual fees for a retired Brother whose pension didn’t allow him such luxuries. Has Maître Legrand authorised the Hilton expense or is it hidden away in the books of one of the 27 satellites ?


And so to South America…


Another Myosotis correspondent informs us that the Air Bongo frequent flyer is jetting off to Bolivia later this month. Not only an Ex Grand Master, but two Deputy Grand Masters, one who has resigned and a second who has no rightful claim to the title. And let’s not forget the bodyguards (could be necessary !!!) and the ladies. Maybe Paris Hilton will be there after all !!! So why Bolivia ? No, LML in English is not about to link the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker to a white powder scandal. Our Ex Grand Master is jetting off, no doubt up the front end of the plane, to an international meeting of the Grand Masters of regular Grand Lodges. By what right is François Stifani part of the delegation ? He is no longer Grand Master of the GLNF. He resigned. And considering his numerous and multiple transgressions of the Landmarks while he was still Grand Master, we can also ask if the GLNF can still be considered a regular Grand Lodge ? Recent meetings of the leaders of international Freemasonry (remember Monaco or Barcelona ???) suggest that François Stifani is about as popular as a coffin with two places !!!


But let’s accept that Air Bongo isn’t flying to La Paz in the next few days. So François and Paris (oops !!!) have to fly regular airlines without the TV cameras. Let’s not forget his abhorrence for cattle truck class. A quick check with comes up with the figure of 14160.85 € per head for a first class return ticket. Even if the Ex Grand Master and his two DGMs pay for their companions and even if the bodyguards sit down the back with the peasants and the chickens, our 3 high flyers are going to cost us in excess of 42000 € just to get there and back, without counting hotels, restaurants, etc.



Maître Legrand, have you authorised this expense and, if so, how are you going to justify it to the Brethren ???




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Chicon au gratin 05/03/2011 07:07

The "spiritual guide", as he uses to say, GM of GLNF, has no limits. Money ,more power, more sex turns up a weak mind. It's clearly a psychiatric case now.

When he moves he has bodyguards, bimbos, he stays only in palaces.

GLNF is sick , dramaticaly sick, whatever the result of the ballot which should happen one day, he will stay.

I don't see any outcome for GLNF.

Winnie 05/03/2011 11:34

My Brother,

Do not despair. Every day François Stifani has less and less supporters. Eventually Maître legrand will realise that the vast majority of the Brethren have
rejected Stifani. And we eagerly await the results of the audits. i'm sure there will be some red faces on the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker. François Stifani is clinging to his unrightful
position and privileges like a limpet to a rock. But even a limpet can be prised off.