Paris Supreme Court Ko's Team Ephesse

Published on by Allan Sanders

Only the barest details are available but “L’Express” journalist, François Koch, reports the Paris Supreme Court decision in Miss Monique’s favour. The court ruled against the move by Team Ephesse (FS himself, Balloo the Legal Bear and SGC member Eric Fonteneau aided by legal eagle Combenègre) demanding that the Grand Master (or Grand Master candidate according to your reading of the legal hooha) will be designated at tomorrow’s meeting of the SGC, in the sole presence of SGC members. A corollary to the writ was that Miss Monique be forbidden to call a meeting of the same SGC on September 6th to designate the candidate for Grand Master. 

Predictably Ephesse immediately issued a declaration protesting against the court decision (which confirms his implication in the issuing of the writ) and has the effrontery to suggest that the court will be responsible for the UGLE withdrawal of Recognition of the GLNF on September 12th. He seems to have selective amnesia concerning a number of events over the past 33 months !

Bro Fonteneau must be regretting his naïvity in agreeing to head up this misguided Team Ephesse operation. We are told he isn't even in France at present but no doubt he'll be cutting his holidays short when he learns the court has fined him 5000 euros plus all Miss Monique's legal fees (and Maître Dumaine-Martin doesn't come cheap !)

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