Past and Future

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Past and future can coexist in our renovations of the GLNF


Since December 4th, over one year ago, thousands of brethren who can no longer bear to see their Grand Lodge plunging into the irregularities committed by its governance, have risen up in an unprecedented movement of protest.

A common front of reproaches and projects has been taking shape in FMR and Myosotis groups   working separately or together on all aspects concerning our past, present, and, above all, future, in a GLNF that we will re-found.


The extent of all this activity has come over to you on the Blogs, and the FMR-Myosotis Manifest (a set of proposals for the new GLNF) has been signed by many brethren from all horizons, marking an important step  towards formalizing  the main principles to be implemented in the future.


Recent declarations by Grand Lodges and Rites have shown how our own cares were shared by them, who were the ritual founders of GLNF workings.

Two days ago, three Regular Grand Lodges explained in their terms, in a solemn warning to the GLNF, how concerned they were to see F.Stifani still and yet again trying to oppose the fraternal resistance born of his own endless aberrations.

Increasing numbers of brethren are joining us, impatient for a General Assembly to be held to set us into good order again


Among them is an old Brother, known to some of you, Jean Murat. He recently threw in his lot with the early protesters. We accept his adherence to the ideas we have developed over more than a year.

In fact, we are most pleased, for he is symbolic of a certain past and the place it can have beyond the doors of the future that we open to all. 

Deputy Grand Master under J-C Foellner, he was left out in preference to Stifani as the former’s successor. Today, he feels that our resistance movement represents a large majority and augurs well for the future. This former R.Worthy Brother will be able to air his advice in, for example, the committee for the reconstruction that he informs us he has joined. The agenda of the latter is based on the FMR-Myosotis Manifest.


In this respect, Jean adheres now to a point we raised back in April about H A I and the infamous GLNF Foundation, agreeing to its every word; signs of like-mindedness, or at least that he has rallied to us. 

Other brethren, equally without personal ambition, no doubt, daily come to join our ranks.

In the strength of these convergent currents, we can serenely look forward to the calendar before us.

December 29th. Hearing of the appeal by the GLNF to the Court of Appeal to put off immediate execution of the Judgment rendered in favour of FMR. That Judgment orders immediate convening of a General Assembly to revoke the President of the GLNF Association.  

January 9th. Decision of the Court of Appeal

In the meantime, we send no money to the GLNF, which has no budget that has been approved.

We remain vigilant to prevent all the attempts at misappropriation and other misdemeanours the GLNF governance, now at bay, will inevitably try on us to remain in power (appointment of electors, place and date of assembly, other ruses and all forms of intimidation)

Then the road ahead is ours, leading to unity in the project and hope we have entertained for so many months. 


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Chicon au gratin 12/19/2010 19:31

Not sure they work for the President. This diplomacy doesn't like noise. Stifani wants to replace a contact of President with Africa, reliable,safe, but it's not done at all. Petrol doesn't like
noise, Presidents too.

the pilgrim 12/18/2010 00:29

who are they actually working for ? certainly not the Great Architect.
Maybe just a small president....

Big Ben 12/17/2010 22:44

watch the end of this long report: blazing, amazing, unbelivable but true :

for Stifani freemasonry is one tool for his own professional carreer

how many money the last three GM of GLNf have earned from Gabon, Cote d'Ivoire, Congo ?

see this report, we are far away from freemasonry