Degny and Juillet refused by GM candidature commission

Published on by Winnie

Question : What is the best way to get rid of a dangerous opponent  in an election ?

 Answer : Make sure he doesn’t even get started.


Today the Commission for Cadidatures for the Grand Mastership met. Five candidatures were refused, two totally unknown, one known but of little consequence and two of national importance were refused. At this point no reasons have been given for the refusals.



Christian DEGNY, best known in Brittany, allegedly representing the 10, 11 12 or 13 dissident PGMs, an unconvincing candidature that barely disguised a massive personal ambition. All the rest in his manifesto is eyewash.


Alain JUILLET, the only serious threat to the current management, the only candidate with a genuine in-depth reform programme and therefore, the only candidate representing a genuine threat to the ultra-conservative SGC. A predictable decision that makes our options clear and they certainly aren’t within the GLNF. No doubt the decision will be "justified" on the grounds that Alain Juillet is not a member of the SGC (since June 2011), difficult to accept since Miss Monique suggests that all decisions by François Stifani since january 21st, 2011 are null and void.


If ever you needed a good reason to join the ULRF as an individual subscriber (a Lodge does not have an associative identity) this is it.


Brethren, the path is clear, it’s the new Obedience. The wheels will get rolling with the meetings for the A&ASR in Paris and the French Rite in Tours, both on Saturday March 24th.

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horses in the dark 03/15/2012 11:39

maybe I miss, but there is about 50% of Stifani candidates, Alan Juillet evicted, why, Jean Murat selected, these are two "clear" candidates.

horses are on the starting line ...

if one Stifani horses win, maffia system will manage GLNF for years, definitively.

Winnie 03/15/2012 13:51

The vast majority of remaining candidates are members of the Stifani clique. We are likely to see a number of withdrawals prior to the ballot day. Concerning
Jean Murat, he has been in open opposition to Stifani for a long time but not for the same reasons as the "oposition". His only dream for years has been the biggest blue apron. Jean Murat has no
programme, the reforms he proposes are minor adjustments of a cosmetic and appeasing nature, not the fundamental reform from the bottom up that is necessary. The best thing will be for a Stifani
apparatchik to be elected, we leave them all to themselves and we can get on with true masoning, something the Pisan 3rd floor forgot about many years ago. Yesterday's decision was the final nail
in the GLNF coffin. Requiescat In Pace